Uppsala, the co-winner of the Kyber Network Developer Competition

Synergistic effects expected if integrated to Kyber Network

Uppsala has made the first official public appearance last Saturday in Seoul at the Kyber Network Developer’s Competition. It turned out it was not just an ordinary debut, as we became the co-winner of the competition.

For those who are not familiar with Kyber Network, it is a decentralized exchange and payment service with the emphasis on maintaining a reserve for the exchange, as well as monitoring the value of its inventory and prices. The team has successfully concluded ICO with about $60 million, and is known for active communication and growing partner network.

The Jan 20 event was organized by Kyber Network and a leading crypto fund Hashed. The event began with the Kyber CEO Loi Luu’s introduction, followed by recent updates and partnership announcements. Overall, the event focused on explaining what it is that Kyber is trying to achieve, with whom and how, to the 150+ attendees. This must have been an important move for Kyber, as the Korean crypto community is one of the world’s largest.

Developer’s Competition

According to the Kyber Network blog, the Developer’s Competition is their way of giving back to the community and fostering innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

Prior to the event day, Kyber had accepted proposals from anyone interested in blockchain and promised 15 minute presentation opportunities to the top five finalists. Uppsala Foundation has been nominated alongside Advolution, Open Market, Project Talent and SUST.

Competition theme: Dapps or decentralized platform idea that can integrate or make use of Kyber Network

John Kirch, the Chief Evangelist at Uppsala, was the presenter of the day. First of all, he mentioned critical problems Uppsala team has identified in traditional security industry and current blockchain industry. Then he explained how Sentinel Protocol (the Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain) can tackle those problems. At this point of the presentation, the solution seemed to resonate with the attendees who have been worried about their crypto assets getting stolen. Lastly, John pointed out how Sentinel Protocol and Kyber Network can create synergy between the two, and to a greater crypto world, once integrated.

Uppsala Foundation was rewarded $30k to make the idea come true

After all five teams gave presentations, the CEO Loi and head of business development TN Lee came up on the stage. They announced the first winner Uppsala with the comment, “We really like the solution they are building. This ecosystem really needs security.” Another winner was Project Talent.

The entire event was live-streamed. You can watch the video on Kyber’s YouTube Channel. John’s presentation begins about 3:06:04.

Thank you Kyber Network and all our supporters who made this possible. We’ll continue to pave the new roads for blockchain security.