My Story on Finishing AWS Educate Cloud Career pathway — Amazon Web Service Educate

So today, I received an email regarding my completion of AWS Educate Career Pathway.

Screen Shot of my Email

And of course I blurred my Code and how much I have received LOL. But this post is not about my email, rather my story of AWS Educate and which career pathway I took.

First, I choose the Database Administrator Career Path way, because I knew little bit of SQL statements and the position sounds cool, “Database Administrator” ;). Now I won’t give you guys every little details on what kind of questions there are on the exams, but I think I can share what kind of modules there are.

As seen above, there are in total of 7 modules (including the final assessment and final project). All of the modules are include tutorials on VERY practical knowledge as well as quiz to test your knowledge skills on that topic.

For example, in the Databases section, you learn the basics for pretty much every existing database systems out there. For me, I loved the SQL section, because I already knew little bit about SQL.

The most interesting part of AWS Educate is the final project section, where you are given one project to work on. For me, I choose to document everything in a word doc format and submit.

And I believe I used the PostGreSQL GUI to implement whole project.

Well that’s about it! Overall it was very fun experience, where I had a chance to review the materials that I learn in my third year undergraduate Database class (A year ago!). I love to make my own notes my guy, let's get LIT with KNOWLEDGE in my GARAGE I love to make my own notes my guy, let's get LIT with KNOWLEDGE in my GARAGE