Machine learning can really make a difference in the quality of health care. (FDA is thinking of machine learning-based medical device software.)

There are going to be some devices with AI capability on them as well. FDA needs some kind of framework to regulate them. (This paper also asks for feedback.)

How do we set the metrics to follow and improve on, this may just be one of the most important things to do at the beginning stages of start-up. (How healthy your business is doing.)

Setting the right KPIs and Goals will tell you if you are doing bad or good. These values are numeric.

Following a good metric, you can make improvements as well as make the start-up fail, so what are the key metrics to set?

By definition, you have to choose one metric. Why one? This is to keep things simple and get the job done…

How should we price our service or products? We are going to cover from first principles.

We are going to talk about a lot of things surrounding pricing, there are a lot of things to consider for pricing. And since start-ups are usually working in a new market, it is hard to compare. So it is much harder.

What do you think about launching? What is launching? Usually, as a start-up, no one will care about your launch. So it is not a single event, it is a continuous iteration.

And depending on your demographic there are multiple launches you can and should do. You want to launch it again and again, A/B test it, how do the people react?

He is the creator of Pebble the smartwatch, and he is telling us the below statement.

They maintain a direct connection since they want to gather all of the information at different stages. Founders themselves should make the direct connection, if you are a CEO it's in your job description. (btw just because you do tech, does not mean you should not learn these skills as well)

Minimum Viable Product, this is the first product that you need to serve to see if your company can solve anything. It's that simple.

And when you build your MVP, talk to your client, its good if you have experience of over 10 years or if you talk to your customers, that's even better. Question yourself if you are solving for no-body.

Launch something bad quickly.

Just because it's not the full software or the full thing, do not ignore the review from the MVP. Because your full product might not be the item the clients actually want. And…

Some people were still keeping their day jobs since they were scared if their idea would succeed or not. So how can I evaluate my idea? YC does not only support companies that already have huge support. Some people pitch an idea and get into the program.

Some people do not write a single line of code.

This is a digital course, and they are pretty good reasons to join them, over 30% have launched and actually started their journey. Start-up school is a perfect way to how to learn to build a start-up. Eventually, you’ll want to join the Y Combinator.

  1. Have some goals to work on.
  2. Be honest on what's working and what is not.
  3. Participate, on the discussion board.
  4. Launch your company, get it off the ground.

This is not their first rodeo, so they have some upgrades compared to the previous semester. Running the course more during the year? …

Building an NLP pipeline using the library hugging face, an awesome python library for NLP applications. For example, the application in the movie her.

And many companies are actually using it every day in Production! Which says a lot about the company themselves.

Just wanted to study how he manages his money and where are they from?

He has a lot of LLC, which are organizations where the owner is not really liable for the companies debt. Hence the name Limited liability companies.

Like a baby between a corporation and sole proprietorship. (most people anyone can be an owner of this thing, easy to set up and more protection).

Jae Duk Seo I love to make my own notes my guy, let's get LIT with KNOWLEDGE in my GARAGE

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