What can a SEO expert do for you!

This write-up has been developed for those who would like to understand what a seo expert or seo professional can do for you and your business

With this blog post I will explain all you need to know about search marketing professionals. An SEO expert can provide valuable information on the changing tide of search engine technology. Since the technology that powers SEO changes over time, it’s important to have an SEO expert who can remain effective in the face of changing technology.

One of the most recent changes in the last 3–5 years to the Google search algorithm took place in 2011. Before 2011, many websites used search engine optimization techniques that were manipulative. For example, websites would create small paragraphs of keywords that were the same color as the background text of a website. This was done to enhance the number of keywords that a search engine-bot would see when indexing a website. While website visitors couldn’t see these keywords, they were visible to the search engine spiders. This was called cloaking.

The google panda update

In addition, the Google Panda update lowered the rank of many websites that hosted low quality content with lots of advertisements. Many websites that hosted ‘how to’ information saw a significant drop in their monthly traffic. Since most websites are powered by their advertising revenue, this was a significant blow for them.

Content Farms are so bad for you SEO

Many content farms have suffered during the recent Google search engine updates. While it’s not impossible to improve a website’s ranking using modern algorithms, it is more difficult than it was in the past. It’s important to have high quality content on a website. This content can be entertainment, news, a legitimate store front, etc.

It’s also important to understand the role in-bound linking can have for a website. Many major search engines like Google and Bing determine the value of a website based on the number of sites that link to it.

For example, Wikipedia usually appears in the top search results for a variety of keywords. Since millions of people across the world use Wikipedia to learn, it has many links on other related websites. These other links contribute to the high ranking of Wikipedia.

So what does an SEO expert do?

An SEO expert can help a website increase the number of in-bound links. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as creating a blank website that links back to the first. Since most search engine algorithms can detect the quality of a website’s content, it’s important to use in-bound links that come from acceptable quality content. While the content on a back link website doesn’t have to be great, it has to be adequate.

It can be difficult for many businesses and organizations to get a good rank on the major search engines. Since search engine technology is changing all the time, it’s important to have a professional to assist with SEO techniques.

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