Google Friendly Link Building

Since Google launched their Penguin update, millions of websites have been losing their rankings like trailing soldiers in the battleground! This time, Google has been cracking down on “spammy” websites like never done before. This update has certainly been very effectual at knocking down spam websites, but many think that some legit websites have also wrongfully been strike and have spoken their views on Google’s forums and social media outlets. Google’s Search Quality team pay attention and has set up a structure that web master can use to inform Google that the Penguin has been unjust to them.

Tip #1 — Get More Social, Leverage Your Fan base

In the year 2012, social sign are more significant than ever. When you post new content on your website or blog, confirm that you share it on all of your social pages. In fact, this thing should be almost like a reflex. For the lazies out there, there are plenty of plugins and tools that can assist you computerize this whole procedure. Twitter feed is one of them. This has seen too many companies posting new blog posts periodical, but not sharing them on their major application Google+, Facebook fan page, or on Twitter.

Tip #2 — Link Your Inner-Pages

When link building, a lot of SEO’s are still creating the rookie error of always connecting to their homepage. This understand that your homepage is the mainly important page of your website, but you can be specific that Google will raise a red flag if a large mainstream of your backlinks indicate to your homepage and very few of them are connecting to your blog posts and internal pages. It merely doesn’t make reasonable sense for Googlebot.

Tip #3 — Diversify Your Anchor Texts: Another constituent that Google has been cracking down on this year is over-optimization (both on-site and off-site). There’s nothing Google abhorrence more than feeling like you’re annoying to force it to rank you for a precise keyword.

Tip #4 — Focus on Quality, not Quantity: This has been said over and over, but it is more significant this year than ever before. The game has radically distorted. Google will reprimand your website if you have a large quantity of backlinks from unreliable sites. (Authority Link Network anyone?) If you are doing guest posting, This can assurance you that one high quality blog post from a trustworthy website is superior than hundred posts from low quality ones.

Source: SEO Tech Experts

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