Seoul Stars: $SSTAR Utility and NFT Benefits

Utility and Benefit of $SSTAR Tokens

Buying and Burning of $SSTAR with Yuna’s Profit

A unique and pivotal mechanism to maintain our ecosystem is the regular buying and burning of $SSTAR tokens. How will we have the funds to buy and burn $SSTAR? 30% of Yuna’s profit will go towards our community wallet, and from that, 80% will be used to buy and burn $SSTAR on an ongoing basis.

NFT Debut Cards

Users will be able to purchase “Debut Cards” — an in-game prize box that includes a new Yuna NFT, using $SSTAR and CastingTickets. The newly acquired Yuna NFT will be part of a new generation of NFTs separate from the original 10,000.

Item Combining/Upgrading

$SSTAR will be required to combine and upgrade various item NFTs which will enhance the gameplay and increase earning rate in the play-to-earn Seoul Stars games. Check out our whitepaper for more details on the item NFTs.

Seoul Stars Marketplace

Seoul Stars will soon open its own secondary marketplace where people will be able to trade various Seoul Stars related NFTs including Yuna NFTs and game item NFTs, and the main currency for trading these NFTs will be $SSTAR.

Governance Rights

Holding $SSTAR tokens will give governance rights over our project — holders will be able to weigh in on our project’s future decisions. However, the initial development will be centralized to establish a strong foundation for our community to build upon.

Utility and Benefit of Yuna NFT


As mentioned earlier, 30% of Yuna’s profits will go towards our community wallet. NFT holders will benefit from this as 20% of the community wallet will be used to fund future giveaways. These giveaways will not only be for blockchain goods but also real life items, and will be only accessible to the NFT holders.

Privileges in Seoul Stars Play-to-Earn Game

As shown in the below table, there will be various privileges for the holders of the NFTs in the Seoul Stars play-to-earn game including the ability to earn $SSTAR tokens and CastingTicket tokens, ability to use special game skills, etc. These benefits will vary depending on the rarity of the NFTs.

Scholarship System

NFT lending, also known as the scholarship system, has become very popular amongst the top play-to-earn blockchain titles. Seoul Stars will have an in-house NFT lending platform where holders can lend their NFTs and receive a share of the profits earned from the scholar.

VIP Access

Yuna NFT holders will receive early access to new music and game releases. In addition, they will receive exclusive access to $SSTAR IDO presale, giveaway events, metaverse concerts, future NFT airdrops, and merchandise. Holders will also have the chance to meet Yuna’s song producer Tommy Lee, participate in lyric compositions of one of her songs, one hour vocal training session, and audition for Yuna’s duet song.

About Seoul Stars

Seoul Stars, developed by Catheon Gaming in partnership with leading K-Pop agency — HUMAP, is creating the metaverses first virtual K-Pop idol in the. Yuna is a realistic 3D virtual idol created by the Seoul Stars team and endorsed by famous K-pop stars. Yuna will release her own album — produced by renowned music producer Tommy Lee, and host virtual concerts across metaverse platforms. As well as premium content, a strong ecosystem will be built around Yuna. At the forefront of this ecosystem is the Seoul Stars rhythm and karaoke game where fans can earn $SSTAR tokens — the governance token of Seoul Stars.




The metaverses’ first ever virtual K-Pop idol with a play-to-earn rhythm and sing-to-earn karaoke game

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Seoul Stars

Seoul Stars

The metaverses’ first ever virtual K-Pop idol with a play-to-earn rhythm and sing-to-earn karaoke game

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