Change Your Perception in 2016!

As we close year 2015, I am sure it has been a most memorable year for all of you; many want to forget it, for others it was a rewarding year of growth and maturity.

How you perceived year 2015 determines how you will approach 2016. In the upcoming year each and every one of us will experience one or more of the following; conflict, humility, loss, and disappointment, in addition to joy, happiness, peace and love. I am a strong believer that Perception determines your Mindset, mindset determines your Thoughts and thoughts determine your Behavior. It is your choice, you can either accept all the bad and good with Grace, or you can blame everyone else, the world, break down, cry or wonder “why me”? All of this will not change the fact that it happened.

However, how you perceive what happens for you is ultimately up to you, take note I did not say what happens to you. Your experiences in life are designed to deposit something in you that is viable and needed for the next level, while other times they are designed to pull something out of you that is detrimental to your growth as you transition into the next level.

Today I challenge you to change your Perception! Are you a glass half-full or half empty person?

I’m sure most of you are conditioned to say that the glass is half-full, although you won’t admit it, deep down many of you perceive the glass is half empty. To those glass is half empty people, GOOD NEWS! It’s not too late to change your perception.

Here are 5 ways to begin changing your perception:

· Be willing to surrender the glass is half empty thinking.

· Pay attention to your life, it is your greatest teacher.

· Declutter your life (rid yourself of negative thinking collected over time).

· Believe in yourself (develop courage, you become what you believe).

· Take time to know who you are and why you are here.

If you understand the power of your perception, your mindset, your thoughts and your behavior, you will ultimately change your life and change your world.