Hi, Welcome to my programs: Mindset Matters, I am Sequita Collins and I would like to thank you for being here with me today and taking time out for yourselves. I want to share with you some truths that have changed my life. I am sure that my Mindset Matters series will help to bring about change in your life. But you must be open to changing your mind, to change your life.

Todays Truth: Vision Matters

Yes, we are going to discuss why Vision Matters!

When I decided 3 months ago (well I really did not decide, God made the decision for me and I went along with it! LOL) to follow my purpose I gave up a job in an exchange for my calling, to take myself and family to a place we never thought we’d go. God gave me a vision and I immediately knew that I must take the leap, he had provided me with street cred; he has taken me through many of the challenges, situations, and experiences (and he’s definitely not finish) that I will need to motivate and empower others.

So I ask you what is your personal vision for your life? Do you even have a vision? God requires that we all have a vision (Habakkuk 2: 1–3.).

Helen Keller once said “The greatest tragedies in life are people who have sight, but no vision”.

What is a Vision?

Vision is a mental picture of a future state that is forceful enough to mold your present, A God hope and expectation planted in the heart as a seed made real in your imagination.-P. White

So how do we get a Vision?

· Think about what you really want in life. (Look at your God given talents, gifts and passions)

· Get a vision for your life. (A vision will help you deal with the challenges you will experience in life)

· See the vision as it becomes the purpose in your life.

· Believe the vision.

· State the vision in the present. (directs you to fulfill your highest purpose)

· Write down your vision.

· Set goals related to your vision.

· Develop a strategy to reaching your goals to ultimately get you to your vision. (Strategies involving your spiritual development, family, career, financial, health and fitness, friends, etc.)

Vision allows you to move from an ordinary life, to living an extraordinary life. Remember the aggregate of your life experiences, circumstances and situations are preparing you for your destiny.


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