Overcoming Church Hurt

“Sometimes we get hurt by specific people in the church but if we allow those people to make us bitter towards the body, Satan claims the victory.” — Natalie Snapp

Something about serving in the church, working as a part of a ministry that can leads us to believe that there is no conflict, all is great. Many of us believe that serving in the church is sunshine blue skies every day. I mean there is plenty of prayer, devotion and fellowship, so there should not be any conflict Right?

Wrong! Church is unique: after all its family, co-workers, and community. So when someone at church hurts us, a few things happen; we either take a lickin and keep on tickin, we’re resilient, we become angry, reluctance ensues, question our place in the church, or worse question God’s presence in our lives. So I offer you the following tools that can help in overcoming church hurt and managing conflict in church.

Know Your Enemy

Look beyond the physical person that has hurt you. As yourself is it really the person or is it Satan, remember John 10:10 he comes to kill, steal and destroy. Next thing we know we suit up for battle with one another, we fight one another leaving scratches, bruises and marks that take years to heal.

Pray for Those Who Hurt You

Even if we don’t want to, it is necessary, it prohibits you from holding on to the anger, because it can manifest into unforgiveness. Pray for that person’s happiness for 30 days and you will see a difference in you and your reactions to that person.

Open Your Heart

If you are angry and bitter, you are unable to accept what God has for you. If you close your heart you can not receive blessings God has for you.

Change Your Mind About the Situation

Every situation, experience and circumstance is an opportunity for growth. You can not control what people say or do, but you can control your perspective and behavior of the situation.

Don’t Retaliate or Seek Revenge

Whatever you do, do not seek to get even. Retaliation and revenge moves God out and sets ourselves up for failure. God teaches us to go the second mile, turn the other cheek, love your enemies, bless those who curse you… Retaliation and revenge reduces our character to our worst self.

Seek Reconciliation

Through reconciliation there is a hope and opportunity to re-imagine and rebuild strained relationships.

Ok! so these tools will not make your church experience and relationships perfect. However, they will change your, they will change how you process the hurt in church.

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