Good call. Leave it there and let people make their own judgement based on what you’ve written.
Ian Scott

Ok, I see what you mean. Maybe I lacked of nuances in my story (it was one of my first stories).

The point is, I really think that there is a problem with “mass tourism” as it is today. Here in Paris, we have millions of tourists coming every year, and this is a big problem (we can’t access our museems anymore, there are coaches blocking the streets, a lot of good bars are transformed into tourists traps). I don’t think that travellers are “superiors” to tourists ; I think a traveller behavior is better than a tourist behavior, it’s not the same thing. I was a tourist before, and I saw the problems it can cause with local peoples. So I turned into being a traveller. It’s like stopping eating sh*t and starting to eat healthy : it’s better for you and for the others (if you allow me the comparison).

And yes, I wrote “We don’t like tourists”, because I’m a Parisian so I include myself in that “we”. We don’t like tourists because we don’t have any contacts with them. They want pictures of the Eiffel Tower, but they stand out of the local life. We prefer travellers (curious people) because they want to meet us. Sorry if you find it harsh, but it’s my view of this topic :)

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