When it comes to travel, NOTHING is a “must”

Burn those must see, must do, must have, bucket lists.

It’s all about options.

Every day, I read a maximum of texts about travelling. Blog posts, Medium stories, short books, even YouTube videos and stuff.

And there is something that annoys me more and more: the so-called “musts”

We are all different travelers, with different tastes and expectations. 
What is important to one will be futile to the other.

For example, when I travel somewhere, I am completely out of amusement parks and other tourist stuff. 
What I like is history, and above all, meeting local people.

It is therefore completely illusory to claim that there are “musts” that would apply to everyone.
Except if you really want to be a tourist caricature.
Or to fall into the traps of sponsored blog posts (a real plague).

We at Welcom‘ to Paris promise to never to tell you what you need to do.

We are here to help you discover Paris as you like, according to your passions and your curiosity.

We consider that the only legitimate thing we can publish is our advices and opinions about Paris.

What we love, what we would like to share with you, what might inspire you.

Without obligation, without overselling anything.

You, as a traveller, are unique, and you have unique expectations and interests.

We respect that, as we like our expectations to be respected as well.

You and we are travellers, not sheep consumers.

Our first and most important advice is : the best way to discover the heart of Paris is to meet Parisian people

That is why we are creating Welcom’to Paris: a platform for travellers to find Parisians who will show them their neighborhood, their favorite places. 
In short, their lives.

If you want to know more, and discover the City of Light with us, go to our website, follow our publications or our social networks (see below).

In the meantime, we wish to you to travel often, with your mind open, your curiosity as a compass, and be inspired as often as you like.

From Paris with love,
JB from the Welcom’ team

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