Want to Code? A University Degree Might be a Huge Waste of Time
Eric Elliott

Personally, a degree offers some really solid groundwork (plus a good math background which is very useful) to become a programmer. There are bad programs of course, but there are also some good ones.

The real problem is that the offer whatever it is, always pales in comparison to it price, at least in the context of this article which is American Universities.

I wondered before going to university if it was more beneficial to just go the self-taught way and I decided for the former. If I lived in America, I really can’t imagine making the same decision ’cause my year tuition fees would be one order of magnitude higher, and then double that.

All the money needed kind of makes it seem like a gamble more than a trade. You give them enough money to live modestly for one decade (went with , I hope, a conservative estimate since I’m not familiar with the average cost of living in America) without having to work just for the possibility of having a job that you’re passionate about and that hopefully pays very well. Actually put into writing, it seems almost extortion.

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