I know that all you know about me is that I’m giving unsolicited advice to an oppressed group, but that is literally all you know about me.
First of all, I’d like to acknowledge and express my appreciation for the fact that for all our…
Nathan Whiteside

It’s all I see you doing on Medium. If you’re defending oppressed groups elsewhere, it seems odd to me that you’re breaking that pattern so consistently here. It also seems odd, if you’ve been championing the underprivileged as long as you say, that you don’t know more of the language and dialectics that go along with it. (E.g., the verb you’ve reached for but missed several times now is othering, or ‘to other’. Otherize is not a word, and connotes that these are new or unfamiliar concepts to you.)

To be honest, I’m pretty disappointed with this response of yours. I was hoping that you would hear and respect what I was trying to tell you about minority experience. You heard the part that was flattering to you, but all I’m really seeing here is patting your own back and repeating the same condescensions. You’re not a terrible person, but if you want to be as good as you say you are, you should be listening to the people you’re trying to help at least as much as you’re talking at us.

Don’t just lecture. Learn.

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