Its Cisphobic to call trans women women
Yup its transphobic to call trans woman trans woman,

Thank you for finally marking yourself as a TERF without ambiguity, and making clear that “ally” was always a farce for you. Up to now I was still entertaining hopes that you might be a reasonable person who wanted to respect us as women, but had some grudges and confusion from bad experiences. I was naïve and overlooked far too much of your blatant discrimination and insults.

I have less and less doubt now that if trans people have been hostile to you elsewhere, it’s because you were hostile to them first. I suspect you found plenty of excuses to invalidate and exclude, as you did here, and then respun the story in your head until you were the victim.

Here is news for you: I am a woman. Your opinion on the subject does not signify. Your petty insecurities don’t matter. You can’t take who I am. And the more you pile on irrational hatred of women like me, the more ridiculous you’ll look to sane cis women who don’t feel threatened by us, and the less relevant you’ll become.

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