Second of all, the “examples” the author uses are not random or rare. They are now the epitome, the defining narrative, of the trans community.
First of all, “cis” is both a slur and a word without meaning.
Lori S

The “defining narrative?” Please. They weren’t even sourced! Numerous trans responders have said those examples didn’t make sense to them, and expressed skepticism that the original author even heard what she claims to have heard. If you’ve seen trans women anywhere demanding that cis women use new words for breastfeeding, or any of the other lunacy that was reported, perhaps you could give us the link? I’d like to see that with my own eyes.

Meanwhile, you don’t get to tell the trans community what our “defining narrative” is. We have as many narratives as there are trans people: all of them are valid, and none is more definitive than any other. But if we did have one, it wouldn’t come from the hostile ravings of a single TERF on Medium. It would be a message that made sense to trans people. It would affirm that we have the right to be who we feel we are. It wouldn’t be about women or men, about definitions or divisiveness. It would be about finding our truths and living them.

You can’t give us that narrative. We give it to ourselves. Please don’t presume again to tell us who we are.