Things cis allies can do that help:

  1. Debunk the “bathroom predator” lie and tell everyone you know that it’s never happened anywhere.
  2. If you hear anyone intentionally misgendering a trans person or babbling about mental illness or “men in women’s rooms,” whack them with as big a clue stick as you like.
  3. If a trans person wants you to go with them someplace for safety or piece of mind, do so. Don’t grandstand or tweet about it, just be a friend.
  4. Stay informed, donate to credible orgs, help with advocacy if your conscience or interests so incline you.
  5. Treat us like the normal human beings we are.

Things cis allies sometimes do that DON’T help:

  1. Get so excited about your trans friend/partner/relative/gerbil that you tell everybody in the tri-state area. (This is an especially mortal sin if it means outing them.)
  2. Proudly preach how Very Very Accepting you feel about the idea of a trans person in the same bathroom with you. (Nobody asks us to be proud of sharing them with cis people…)
  3. Insist that #YoullGoWithUs whether we needed it or not, so that you can feel amazing about what a helper you are.
  4. Gush tearfully about how very brave and extraordinary we are for breathing and wearing clothes and doing the same things you do every day.
  5. Treat us in every ordinary encounter, conversation, and side mention as Trans People™ instead of just “people.”