Why a Divorce Lawyer is Essential When Negotiating the Terms of the Split

Partners involved in a divorce often find it hard to negotiate the different aspects of the dissolution of their relationship. Not only do they have to determine who gets what property, but child custody and support come into play. This doesn’t even take into consideration the whole issue of spousal support and other elements that may come into play.

These negotiations need to take into account the parties involved. A one-size-fits-all approach cannot be used here. Furthermore, there cannot be unreasonable demands or the process will only become more contentious. How can a Divorce Lawyer Cumming be of help at this time?

The Starting Point

First and foremost, it is better when both parties agree that their marriage will no longer work and they must divorce. Sadly, this often isn’t the case. One party may be completely surprised by the request to end the marriage, and the attorney will need to work with this person to ensure they are ready to begin the negotiation process.

This may involve a waiting period, one that gives the person time to accept the marriage is over. If this time is not provided, the negotiations will be more difficult.

Reaching an Agreement

Some couples find they can agree on most aspects of the divorce, but need help in working out one or two areas. The attorney can be of great help here also, as he or she works to find a compromise both parties can be comfortable with. The less disagreement there is once the process is complete, the easier it is for the two parties to part on good terms. This is of great importance when children are involved.

Once an agreement has been reached, the attorney drafts the paperwork for both parties to sign and presents it to the court. While many couples try to take these tasks on without legal representation, it never hurts to have an attorney review the paperwork. This ensures there are no problems in the future.

DUI Lawyers Cumming or those who take on personal injury cases may offer to do this review, but make certain a family law attorney looks at them. He or she knows what is allowed by the court and what is not, thus this helps to minimize the risk of problems down the road. Once the divorce is final, both parties want to move on with their lives. With the right attorney, this becomes possible.