Why feminist party?

I’m standing for the local election in Turku, Finland as the candidate of the feminist party.

Why are you writing this in English?

According to Statistics of Finland there are 10.4% who have immigrant background.

I also want the foreign feminists to know how are the feminists doing in Finland.

I’m not native English speaker so bare with me.

Why did you choose the feminist party?

I used to be member of the Green party for 15 years and were actually an actively campaigning in the parliament election 2017.

I started to question my party selection after the last election. I started to read more carefully the Green’s and Left wing’s party program. I made my choice to join the Left wing, because I felt that they take more action on social problems than the Greens.

While getting to know the Lefts I found out that their organization is a quite heavy and difficult to comprehend. Feminist party was formalized in the end of 2016.

I decided to change the party again. This time the reasons were clear: I felt that the Feminist party’s agenda is clear, I have good chances to influence and the party is officially declared to be feminist, unlike the Lefts.

But why the feminist values are important to you?

Feminists don’t plead only for women’s cause but also think intersectionally: LGBT rights, different colors, disabilities and so on. Feminists want everyone to feel secure and make the personal political.

Human rights are for everyone.

What are your main points in your campaign?

I want to appeal on academics, students and cultural crowd.

I want that everyone who has problems with mental health gets fair treatment.

More cycle paths to Turku.

Vitality to museums, libraries and other culture services.

Why should anyone vote for you?

They’ve said that I’m sharp and get things done. I’m also a great listener and care.


Feminist party in Finland


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