Digital art : the new way of painting

Hi everyone.

I am an artist, I try to live thanks to my art. For now, I am working to become better and to work to improve myself. I am looking for my own technic, my own way of making art, a personnal expression through painting. So I’ve tried a lot of things : subjetcs, themes, styles and… mediums. And I have to admit: I love Digital Painting. I feel free, I can try any ideas or concepts I want to. I have so many possibilities… Freedom.

So I spend a lot of time to think about it… How to be a painter, an artist like classical one but using this digital tool? What is digital painting? Is it a real painting?

And here I am. I would like to share with you some of my thinkings.

What is Digital Art ?

What is Digital Art and Digital Painting, how it works? What can you do with it?

So first : Digital Painting is born in early 90's, with the personnal computers and graphic tablets. But first, pixel art was created a long ago, 1970. Some informaticiens saw that pixels used to make numbers and letters could be put together to make forms. So, since the begining, Digital Art is a way of making art on a computer.

You can use your computer to make images, to animate them, to create light, shadows and special effects on the virtual and real spaces . It is new way to express a powerfull message and create interactive game with your spectator. A way to create an other world, or an other plastic language. New softwares offer so many option to create various things : videos, installations, sounds, storytelling… And the best part is when you know how to code your own program to make anything you want. For artists and spectators, possibilities are infinite.

So, what is Digital Painting, specificly? The Digital Painting is a technic to create pictures thanks to your computer. You can animate it later, but the purpose is to create something totaly new : a painting, a drawing. You need a computer, a special software like Adobe’s Photoshop or Painter, and a graphic tablet like this one :

You use your computer and the software like your canva and your boxtools: you can create new documents, and use brushes or specific tools to put colors on your documents. You can select the tall of your piece, modificate colors and settings at anytime to make the perfect images.

An exemple of Digital Painting with a painting I’ve made, The Cloud Princess

Some of the artists use it in creation industry like design, graphists, conceptual artists for videogames or cinema. But some of them are using it for the beauty of art.

Is it a real art?

I often meet people to tell me “where is the painting materials?” “Don’t you miss the sensation of making something right under your fingers?” And I have to admit that once you finish your painting, it does’nt exist for real. You need to make it live with a professional printers. But photography deals with the same problem for a long time. Photographers use art prints with a beautiful paper, wonderfull resolution durable pigments and a certificate of authenticity to make customers sure about the unicity of his picture.

But, the material stuff… I just can disagree with it. The mainartist’s material are lines and spots. No matter how you create it, it’s the main alphabet of art language. They are the fundamentals. You can create any pictures with those two.

A watercolor painting I’ve made. You can see how I create forms, lights and shades thanks to lines and grey scales spots.
A digital painting made by me. Here you can see the same things : I create shades, lights, volumes thanks to lines and color spots.

The artist’s capacity of creating forms thanks to lines and spots depends of the artist himself and not the medium he uses. So I think digital painting is a real form of art. As long as you can express yourself and play with forms and the spectator, as long as you are creative and you create a new picture, it is art.

I think I’ll be back soon to talk about it later. Thanks for reading :) If you like this post, share your impressions about it with me and share it with your friends :)

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