StrongBox® DApp — 6 month Free Trial on Mainnet

Serenity Shield
5 min readNov 30, 2023

Welcome to the Serenity Shield StrongBox® DApp. We hope you enjoy your six-month free trial of our mainnet product.

Please note: Before you begin, you must have both the Metamask and Keplr wallet extensions installed in your browser.

How to Create a Free Personal StrongBox® on Mainnet

STEP 1: Visit and click on TRY STRONGBOX FREE:

STEP 2: Click Try StrongBox® to set up your free trial account on mainnet:

STEP 3: Choose your wallet from the drop down menu — in this example we are using MetaMask:

STEP 4: Click on Authorize connection to sign the connection transaction within MetaMask:

STEP 5: Fill in the details of your StrongBox® account and click Create my account:

STEP 6: Verify your contact information via the secure pin and click Activate My Account:

NOTE: StrongBox® is powered by the SERSH token which runs on the BNB network, which means your MetaMask wallet may prompt you to switch from the Ethereum Network to BNB Smart Chain before you can continue to the StrongBox® Dashboard:

STEP 7: Approve the Secure Data Transfer request from Secret Network via your Keplr wallet by click Connect Keplr:

STEP 8: Click Subscription Plan on the StrongBox® Dashboard menu to confirm your account is active and in the six month free trial mode:

STEP 9: Click Personal from the StrongBox® Dashboard menu:

STEP 10: Click Create Personal StrongBox® and follow the prompts below to mint your very first Personal StrongBox®:

Your Personal StrongBox® is now protecting access to your valuable digital assets.

How to Create a Free NOMINEE StrongBox® on Mainnet

STEP 2: Fill in all the required fields for the nominee popup and click Add New Nominee:

STEP 3: Navigate to Nominee on the StrongBox® Dashboard Menu and click Create StrongBox® for Nominee(s) and follow the prompts below to mint your very first Nominee StrongBox®:

Remember: You must choose your intended Nominee from the drop down menu and include a personalized message for your Nominee:

STEP 4: Review your Nominee StrongBox® contents for accuracy, ensuring each of your elements is correct, including but not limited to the Nominee assigned and any files you may wish to attach:

STEP 5: Here you will click Create New StrongBox® for Nominee(s) to initiate the minting process between your MetaMask and Keplr wallets. Follow all wallet prompts to complete.

NOTE: You do have the option to prepay your Nominee StrongBox® for recovery of access to your digital assets by your intended nominee, and this is not required to mint a Nominee StrongBox® on Mainnet:

Your Nominee StrongBox® is now protecting access to your valuable digital assets.



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