Are you living your life to serve others?

We all have our dreams that we want to fulfill. It may be owning a billion dollar company or just being comfortable in your own new two bedroom home.

The truth is, many of us are so selfish these days. We may have become very successful; own the latest car, live in a multi-million dollar home. But could care less about others.I’m not saying that you have to be rich to do good, so please don’t get me wrong. All of us have a duty to reach out to someone in anyway we can. A simple “ I believe in you” can change a life, Paying someone’s bus fare and expecting nothing in return , praying with someone, giving good advice and so on.

One of the most fulfilling things is contributing positively to someone’s life. For instance, Seeing a potential high school drop out succeed in school, just because of your inspiring words to him/her is a wonderful feeling.

I believe that the more we dedicate our lives to serving others is the better this world will be. Being kind does not have to be tangible , it can also be intangible efforts. In some cases, words are more powerful.

Are you living your life to serve others? OR Are you just living?

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