What if …

One of the greatest powers we do have is a power of observation.

Observing where @Twitter went wrong, Evan Williams has created a powerful and yet easy to use platform Medium .

One of the objectives has been achieved so far 😉, the right content is there , the engagement is getting there .

Any good investment banker will tell you — You can play with balance sheets, income statement. One think you can’t play with is cash statement , you either have it or you don’t ☝️. Cash is a KING .

In Medium case they have an information (content) but so far they haven’t come up with a right formula how to convert it into 💵.

Perhaps Evan Williams has noticed Jack Dorsey was lacking a right monetizing strategy and said :

Well mate , I’ll show you how’s done !

And here we go subscription model . Rupert Murdoch was one of the pioneers, who brought subscription model online , at the begging it was ad free , by the way 😄. My question is — Where is a competitive edge on that Medium ?How many subscriptions a user willing to hold ?

There is something big out there what Medium is having , they can challenge even @amazon with that .

The capital cost will rise and if you probably agree , investors will punish anyone, who’s not producing an appropriate return .

It was a rise and fall of Zynga , Groupon because they couldn’t hold of the momentum they have build .

There is always a solution , but at the end of the day, my days of pro bono services are things from the past , so it’s going to cost you ✌️.