BANER — The Best Project To Invest In At The Moment!

The world is developing in a geometric progression. There is no sphere that hasn’t been touched by progress. Including the world of IT technologies. Blockchain technology is integrating into all aspects of life increasingly, including the sphere of trade. The project called “BANER” is one of the most vivid and promising examples of such symbiosis and is one of the best projects for investing at this current moment.

The BANER project is a new generation trading platform that combines the functionality of the marketplace, social network and much more. The project has been in development for more than two years and at the moment it is fully functioning site that is capable of taking large traffic. (

In July 2017, the launch of both ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and bounty program was announced on the website by BANER company. ICO is planned to be carried out in 3 stages. 1 stage or pre-ICO will start on September 6, 2017 and will last 25 days. There would be good discounts for early investors. The maximum goal of the ICO is to collect 30 million US dollars with a minimum goal of 1 million US dollars. The company will issue 20 million BNR coins of the ERC20 standard based on the Waves platform. 10% of coins will remain with the founders, 2% of coins are intended for the bounty program, 88% of coins can be purchased by investors.

The initial price of each coin is $ 10. Those readers who have friendly relationships with mathematics can ask the question: “30 million US dollars with a coin price of 10 US dollars is only 3 million coins … Why do the company needs another 14+ million coins?”

This amount will be created in order to provide possible increased demand for coins. Attention! ALL coins that won’t been sold till the end of the summer of 2018 will be burned! Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

So, how will BANER project conquer the market where monopolists such as Avito have long established themselves?

Unlike competitors, who charge for the use of their resources, BANER provides services for free. Only this fact guarantees the success of the project. Wait for announcement of innovations that BANER project will bring to this sphere of business.

For example, Data Mining technology, which in tandem with another technology of Artificial Intelligence with an innovative algorithm will be able to provide anyone with all needed business information and analytics for an enormous amount of economic data. More information on the project’s website

I would like to draw a parallel with the well-known company OLX. The history of its formation is very similar to the way of the BANER project that is in the future for it.

Entering the market OLX had to compete with companies that had occupied this niche for long period. What helped OLX to overcome these difficulties and become de facto a monopolist in this niche of business on the Ukrainian market today? OLX offered services that its competitors did not have — free ad placement services and the absence of any fees for successful transactions. Same for BANER project. This was the main reason of the success of OLX. The company received profit from sales of space on the website for advertising and by providing additional paid services, such as: highlighting an announcement with a different color, fixing it in the top, delivery by means of service, provision of guarantor services and so on. All these services are only a small part of what will be provided by the BANER project On a chargeable and free basis.

There are about 40 million inhabitants in Ukraine. Nevertheless, OLX earns tens of millions of US dollars per year. Just imagine the prospects of the BANER project, whose short- and medium-term plans include the coverage of the entire territory of the Russian Federation with a population of more than 146 million people and expansion abroad, for example, to the Chinese market, with a potential client base of almost 1.4 billion people. And, objectively, they are able to do it.

And now the most important thing. Quarterly 20% of BANER’s net profit will be deducted to all holders of BNR tokens and distributed among them in accordance with their percentage in the total number of BNR tokens.

So, what is in the bottom line?

BANER is a promising project with an innovative approach that at this current moment can provide a part of the services and take more than a half of a million users traffic daily. It has all chances to become the leader of this niche and it is ready to give 20% of net profit to the holders of BNR tokens. Success is inevitable.

Everyone can contribute to the development of the BANER project by purchasing BNR tokens on the pre-ICO and both stages of the ICO. I want to note that the price of the token will increase by 50% from stage to stage. So, everyone who will contribute in the BANER project at the pre-ICO stage will receive twice as many tokens than they would at the last stage of the ICO.

Pre-ICO starts on September 6, 2017 at 00:00 UTC, and an additional 25% bonus will be in effect for the first 2 days.

For sure, at the moment BANER is the best project to investment in.

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