How to tweet 5x more engaging content

According to Adweek, the average engagement rate of Tweets is only 0.46%. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense — finding good content consistently in the endless sea of noise is not easy. So how can you post content that's more interesting to your audience? How can you go from 0.46% engagement rate to 2.7%?

One way to make it a little easier would be to use Buzzsumo. Starting at $99 / month, it's not for everyone, but it you're serious about social media marketing, it will help you to find trending content in the area that interests you. However, even at this price point, you still have to find the articles yourself and then schedule them into something like Buffer by hand. If you want to consistently post several high-quality articles every day, this would take a lot of work.

AI-powered content suggestions

Wouldn't it be great if there was a service that would find and schedule the best content for your audience automatically? That is exactly what Upflow does. Select a few topics your audience cares about and Upflow will find, rank (by the number of social shares and other metrics) and schedule the most engaging and relevant content for you automatically.

If you want, you'll still have the ability to see what content is scheduled to be posted and make any optional adjustment before it goes live. However, depending on how much involvement you want to have in the curation process, considering that the engagement rates generated by Upflow have been about 5x higher than the industry average, you may even consider leaving it on a full autopilot.

Give it a try: