I Am A Morning Zombie
Kelli Haynes

Few things that you might try to improve your morning state (with no regard to when you wake up)

1. Use a Sleep Cycle app (or similar) to find the right moment to wake up. Sometimes it is better to wake up 30 minutes earlier… But more importantly — it allows you to track effect of different sleep/pre-sleep conditions on your mornings.

2. Drink water, do light exercise, take cold shower. (This helps to wake up)

3. Reduce intake of caffeine throughout the day — drink coffee/black tea only in the morning. This would work only after some time, not initially.

4. Take a power nap (20 minutes). You’ll feel better after it. (There’s an app for that too…)

P.S. Few more things:

a. If you wake up when sun is out — expose yourself to sunlight. This will reduce your melatonin level and will help you to wake up.

b. When you go to bed, spend a few minutes visualising yourself waking up well rested and energetic. This’ll help to program your mind to have a good night rest.

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