A New View of Gratitude, via Instagram
Courtney Seiter

Hi Courtney! I have one question I want to ask you. What is “gratitude” you talk about? I honestly don’t understand it. I understand it when someone does something —it is easy. This person put their time and effort to do something or trusted you, and it is clear what you can to be grateful for.

When nobody is involved, whom are you grateful to? You see, I don’t believe in deities as such, so can’t be grateful to them. I enjoy almost everything that happens around me. Certainly, some things I enjoy slightly more than others, but it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy all of them.

I tried to keep “The five minute journal”, but stopped after a few weeks, because most of my “gratitude” lines there were repeating every day in this way: “I’m grateful for being alive today”. There are no things that make me happy because happiness is something that is created internally, not infused from outside. So I can’t take this challenge, or I’ll have to feed a live stream of everything I see…

So, please, can you tell me what gratitude is?