The Truth About Working Without Deadlines.
Patience E. Randle

How I work without deadlines and allocated timeslots.

I don’t really like deadlines or fixed-time work, so I have set up a different way to work efficiently through my days. There are four parts to the system:

  1. A goal/topic for the day. This is one main thing I will be working to complete today. Surely, some other stuff will intervene, but it is possible to keep focus.
  2. Things. It is a very simple and straightforward GTD task manager, which helps me to remember things without remembering them. And every morning I configure my “Today” list, I do that referring to the topic for a day.
  3. Eggscellent. Or any other tool for Pomodoro technique. Allows me to split time into highly productive chunks. Main benefit of this particular app — it synchronises with “Today” list in Things.
  4. Last, but very important part to the whole process. Hours time tracking app. It helps me to make sure that I stick to my planned topic of the day. Because this is a key tool to beat distractios, I’ll tell a bit more about it.
For example, here is how today looks like:

I start recording times as soon as I wake up. And as much as I can, I try to leave no time non-classified.

As you can see from the screenshot — my main focus today was my Mind Digger business and I was keeping pretty good focus on it. But I had also to cook breakfast and do some other things at home. And I have even wasted some time (“Junk time”).

By the way, time for this post goes into “Social” category. (I took screenshot when just started to write this text.

I have also configured the app to remind me if I was not tracking time for 30 minutes. (I have thought of making it 15 minutes, but I sometimes take a short naps for up to 20 minutes, and it’ll wake me up.)

This way I have a pretty good control over what I’m doing with my day and how does this fit into my plan. When you work on something consistently — it will get done. And I don’t have to worry about setting deadlines…

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