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I’m going to say something really racist: Being “clean” is a common sense hygiene. I don’t care what your ethnic background, but if you aren’t looking after your hygiene, while having this capability — you aren’t a person I’d like to talk to. If you smell (I don’t care if it’s your natural smell or a Chanel) a mile away — I won’t come close to you. I don’t care what’s your haircut (or no cut whatsoever), as long as it is clean.

I (almost) don’t care what you wear, as long as it is maintained in hygienic condition. Certainly, if you are unable to do it, it’s a different story, but otherwise I’d treat this as a complete disrespect to everyone around as well as a health hazard.

I wanted to add a few words on “neatness”, but realized that my interpretation of this word is somewhat different from the dictionary and decided not to.

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