Getting a raise comes down to one thing: Leverage.
Quincy Larson

I’m disheartened by this advice. Not from negotiation perspective (the points there are solid) but from the mindset perspective. It propagates “entitlement” mentality instead of contribution one. People who would follow this advice will get themselves a first place in the list for dismissal. Because instead of reducing an amount of headache for their boss they only increase it. And boss won’t forget it. Probably, this is one of the reasons why so many people hate their workplace.

There is a better version, which doesn’t require you to wait, but will force you to work: find a way to solve some of your boss headaches, go to him and ask for more money in exchange for more responsibility. Almost always an opportunity is available. And then deliver on your promise. Unless your boss is a really insecure person, you will not only get your raise, boost your skills and reputation, acquire new experience, but will also gain some + to your karma in your boss’ eyes.

Indeed, you can always play “walk out” card if nothing else works, but remember that this card is not playable twice.

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