There is nothing wrong with productivity

…as long as you do it right.

What kind of person would you imagine if I ask you about a productive person? Let me guess — hardworking, always busy person. Who is burning through thousands of todo items every day. Right?

Let me paint you a different picture. Imagine a lazy person, who works for an hour every month. Most of the time that person does nothing — reads books takes walks, spends time with their family… At the same time, they make a lot of money in that hour they spend working.

Which of these two looks more productive to you?

Let’s remember what productivity is. It is creating most value in the shortest time and with least resources. In other words — doing as less as possible for the largest possible outcome.
In this sense, the second person is way more productive than the first one.

So by definition, a productive person must be lazy enough to avoid doing anything that brings no value. And when you are putting more time and resources — you are running away from productivity.

Instead, you should focus on looking for things you can stop doing to get the better outcome. ;)

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