There is nothing wrong with the world.

You may disagree with me, and this is ok, but before you do this — stop for a minute and try to read this without judgements.

You know, the world was here before you and will remain after you. You can see only a small piece of it that is in contact with you at the moment. You can only remember the things you were in contact before. They might have been painful, emotional or enjoyable. All of those emotions exist inside you, and it is your choice whether they control you or you control yourself.

Now, if you chose to control yourself, you have a choice to enjoy your life or defend yourself from it. Because life is unkind. It is based on cruel principles, where everything alive is a potential food for something else alive. And even now, there are lives that feed on you.

Whichever you going to choose, this choice will happen inside you. Every single second. But there is one thing that I know — if you will choose to deny the reality, the only one who will suffer will be you. You will be building walls and elaborate schemes inside your mind in order to avoid recognising that everything in the world has a right to be there. Because it is already there. And if you want to enjoy and live your life freely — you need to recognize and accept this.

This doesn’t mean you should be passive. That means that you would have a better picture of what’s really happening and will be able to act more deliberately, more precisely and more focused to help shape the part of reality you have influence over.

And then you would have no need to spend your energy on hate, anger and sadness, but instead, will focus it on what you really want to do in your life.

Thank you for reading my thoughts without judging them. Now, feel free to put your judgements back on and lash out at me with the full force of your criticism. And in case if you liked what you’ve read and think it might be helpful to someone else, share it.

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