The Biggest Decision of My Life

My name is Sergio Caldera, as of now I attend The University of Texas at Austin. I am a freshman, 19 years old, but more importantly I am an Entrepreneur. I am writing this article just simple to inspire or connect with someone that just understands my story. So I bet you are wondering what decision did I make I mean I go to a pretty good school, have successful parents that are both business owners, literally watched my parents go from living in a trailer park to now living a stable, happy life in the suburbs of Dallas. I am the oldest of 5 which makes my situation worse because I suppose to be an example for my siblings. I decided this year that I am going to drop out of school. Yes, not go to school anymore not even community college or plan to go back.

I realized that I have bigger dreams than just going to school, specially for business. Which I believe you don’t need school for, it could supplement the process, but business is an equal playing field. I was self aware that I was not meant to got to school or even have a job. I’m not saying those are bad things, I just know 1000% sure this is the right decision for me.

The turning point that I realized school wasn’t for me and became self aware was when my ex-girlfriend broke up with me. However, we are going to get back together I know it. She’s the ONE, she just doesn’t know it yet. Anyways, at that moment I was heart broken and had time to myself and realized I wasn’t living at my full potential. I guess I needed a little time to myself.

It’s sad that the closest people in my life doesn’t believe deep down in me. One things is for sure is that my Emotional Intelligence is at a super high level. A lot of people doubt me but I know I’ll become successful.

I have a couple virtual mentors, I hope one day I do have a mentor to guide me. However, I know I’ll make it. I will be video taping my journey from the moment I drop out to the moment I prove the people that doubt me wrong.

I hope someone gets inspired by this

Or if someone is willing to mentor me, I will prove to he or she that I have so much value to give.

A lot of people in this world get on a plane but don’t know where they are going.
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