Leaked White House Memo Outlines Plans For All-Out War On Women’s Health
Caroline O.

During the early years of Abstinence Ed in 1985 I had friend who was 35+ yr old, newly divorced with 2 boys (12 & 8), moved to a new state, went to new church and became a “born again”…. got pregnant by guy in the church and married him 2 weeks before their boy was born.

In ’86 their church got funding and she was one of first paid instructors for Abstinence Ed in the region… she had a 4th son 2 yr later. When her oldest boy was 20, his girlfriend got PG and they married. Friend was now regional Abstinence Ed Director, still being paid thru her church that rec’d fed funds… 2 yrs later her 18 yr got girl PG — he supports the baby, but never married. She had 10 yr old and 7 yr old son left at home. And guess what… the youngest become a dad when he was 16 yr old. So between a 35 yr old woman who should have known about birth control and her 4 sons, all who went through abstinence training… only one abstained… or maybe he just used birth control!

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