If you’ve always been overwhelmingly confused with all the variety of sexy lingerie available, you’re not the only one. We’ve broken down some of the common lingerie types to help you pick out the right one to flatter your figure.

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1. Babydoll


If you want to dress your luscious curves with the luxuriously soft silk lingerie, the babydoll is ideal for you. It will work wonders at channeling your inner goddess and brim up your vibe with enticing sensuality.

The babydoll dress is a style of sexy lingerie that has an adorable vibe with an above-the-thighs length and a short gown-like flair. It comes with built-in cups to hold your breasts and free-flowing skirt that allows you to flaunt your curvaceous legs. It’s a great choice for a young women. You can find it in sexy sheer fabrics, silk or nylon, whatever tickles your fancy.

2. Bodystockings


Bodystockings are trending super-hot on the sexy lingerie catwalks. They’re basically tight figure-hugging staples that cover up your waist. They’re extremely comfy and give your figure a sleek shapeliness that is beyond perfection.

3. Basque

The basque is a revamped and modernised take on a corset. It replaces a garter belt and bra, along with covering up your bust all the up to your hips. If you want to slim down your waist, accentuate your curves, perk up your breasts, and give your figure a nice shapeliness, this is a must have.

You can even pair up this basque with your formal and festive outfit by pairing them underneath your pencil dresses, blouses, cocktail numbers and couture gowns.

4. Bustier

If you have small breasts and you feel you could use some extra cleavage to oomph up your sex appeal, all you need is a strikingly sensual bustier in an energetically bright hue, red for instance. A bustier is ideal to give your bust a heavy, filled up look for a much sexier cleavage.

You can flaunt this insanely sexy lingerie piece and create a myriad of looks. For instance, you can pair it up with your structured staples and corsets to create a shapely curvature. It’s also ideal for loose, free-flowing silhouettes.

5. Corsets


Corsets exploded into the fashion scene a long, long time ago, back in the 16th century. And ever since, they have been popular as the sexiest Medieval-inspired trick for a woman to channel her inner sensuality with a capital S.

Tight figure hugging corsets are made of stiff fabrics and materials that enhance your luscious curves and give you the dreamily raunchiest hour-glass shape. A corset is all you need to lift up those saggy breasts and clinch up your waist to make your curves stand out and demand attention.

The corset is held together by a tantalisingly sexy adjustable lace-up closure. They are perfect for slimming down the waist and giving the bust of your hips a ragingly enticing rise!

6. Catsuit

If you want to spice up your love life with sexy lingerie statement that oozes out flirtatious glamour with an exotically mysterious aura, all you need is a catsuit. It will bring out wildly sensual side of your personality and surprise your partner with a sexy spontaneity.

A cat suit is basically a one-piece undergarment that covers up your body all the way from your breasts to your toes. You can even wear it to give your tight-fitted clothing staples a sleek and shapely finish. Or you can set it aside for the naughtiest and sexiest of date nights with your partner.

7. Camisole

If you want to channel your bold vibes with sexy lingerie, all you need is a camisole. A camisole is basically a short, free-flowing top that has waist-long length. You can pair it up with a myriad of options, such as sultry panties, thongs, leather jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks and lots more.

8. Chemise


Chemise is free-flowing gowns with a lovely knee-grazing length that is perfect to flaunt your sensual legs. They are usually the best picks amongst sexy lingerie statements for nightwear, but after the recently popularised trend of slip dresses, designers have created a stunning variety of chemises for nightlife and party wear.

A chemise has very delicate straps that can adjusted to your wish, and the fabric is luxuriously comfy silk.

9. Garter Belt

If your inner goddess is insanely bold and drop dead sensual, the garter belt is just what you need to channel your powerfully dominating sex appeal. There’s nothing better than a saucy black garter belt cinching up the curves of your waist to entice your partner and really get those juices flowing.

A garter belt is the sexiest lingerie statement that comprises of a waist-belt, and sheer thigh-high stockings that are attached with the sultry leather belt. You can accentuate the sexual drama by pairing up your garter belt with a hot bra, or you can even shop corsets, basques or bustiers that come with sexy built-in garter belt.

This is a powerful weapon that can really help you spice up your love life. *wink*

10. Peignoir

If you want sexy lingerie that has a classic voguish vibe, the peignoir is just what you need to channel you inner goddess with a gracefully sensual appeal. A peignoir is an ankle-grazing gown and tantalisingly sheer fabrics to set your partner’s heartbeat racing with enticement. Peignoirs are mostly paired up with matching robes that amplify the voguish appeal.

11. Teddy


A short thigh-grazing gown that covers up the small of your waist with its adorably sexy flair! It is paired with a matching set of sultry panties, and you can shop it in sheer revealing fabrics, or luxuriously comfy silk.

12. Thongs & G-Strings


Thongs are the hottest trend on the sexy lingerie radar, for they take sensuality to a whole new level of provocative glamour. These are delicate panties that cover the front of your lower assets, and leave your derriere enticingly bare.

G-strings are very similar to panties, they just have delicately thin string, which is stretchable, shrouding your bottom. Both are insanely sexy, and you can work them for you all style statements, even the beach.

Now that we’ve described each type of lingerie style, do you think your ready to improve that wardrobe of yours? Then shop SeriouslySensual.co.uk lingerie and find your next sexy addition.


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