Ask Sermon: The Speed Round Vol. 1

Over the course of Ask Sermon’s short, yet successful life-span, I’ve gotten a lot of questions that don’t warrant full-length pieces. I didn’t want to ignore them, so I came up with the genius idea that nobody else has ever came up with. And in the event I’m lying, Kanye West said ownership of ideas doesn’t matter or something.

So, let’s dive into a bunch of questions with quick-fire answers.

I’m a man of simple taste. I enjoy reading comics, watching Netflix (and resisting the urge to watch The Office 24/7), and listening to music.

This isn’t even a fair question. If Boy Meets World or Lionel Richie would’ve been included, my brain would just burst into a thousand pieces. Muppet Babies gave us an imagination amusement park, but Lloyd Banks said “I know the watch bothering your vision/But reach and I’ll put a dot on your head like it’s part of your religion.”

Winner: not Sermon

I enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ll admit I haven’t exactly traveled the globe indulging in all the different varieties of wings, though. Also, I like boneless wings more. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of “boneless wings are just chicken nuggets” jokes to dodge.

I’m trying not to say Charizard. Don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome. It just feels cliché in the same way people’s first reaction to best Digimon is Greymon. They’re flagship monsters, I get it. If I had to pick some obscure choices, I’d go with Dragonite (the episode featuring him in season 1 is the best), Tyranitar, and Mewtwo.

Logic: Very tough call. “Welcome To Forever,” “Inception” and “Yuck” are possible contenders.

Jon Bellion: “Run Wild” hands down. Beautiful song.

It’s easy to keep it a secret, because my job depends on it. Ha. I love being able to come up with ways to tease fans that won’t make sense until after something happens. I’m pretty good at it. I mean, I did award myself with a trophy that says “Social Media Master” on it. They don’t allow just anybody to buy those. Babies can’t buy trophies.

Jared, I can’t even get Logic tickets!

It’s pretty tame to run all these accounts. More than two when you factor in Instagram and Facebook. I just check them out throughout the day and night. Figure out stuff I want to post and when. I’ve yet to confuse the two labels, so I’m doing something right.

I think I remember you, Jimmy. A day in the life of Sermon is actually pretty boring. I work from home, because I wouldn’t be able to make it to VMG’s office daily. Stupid lack of teleportation. I spent hours at my computer doing social media things, listening to music, writing posts that 5 people will read, and wasting time.

When I’m not working, I’m usually watching Netflix or reading comics. Occasionally I’ll go outside, but I’m deathly afraid of bears and you know how common they are in a city environment.

Never giving up when the world kept trying to fail me. I wouldn’t be here still alive if I had given up. Now the future feels the brightest it’s ever been.

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