Ask Sermon: What Makes Me Happiest?

Welcome back to the now critically acclaimed ‘Ask Sermon’ series. I launched last week and the reviews have been so positive. Just check a few of them from close friends:

“This might be the greatest series of all time.” — Kanye West

“The way you articulated your thoughts and feelings so elegantly brought forth abounding amounts of smiles to my sleek facial expressions.” — T.I.

“Huh? What in the Versace hell is going on?” — Riff Raff

“Ask Sermon is the journalist equivalent to stealing yo chick.” — 2 Chainz

“Mmmm. Ask Sermon.. *drools*” — Homer Simpson

I’m tearing up right now. Let’s move on to this week’s question. Liv from the great UK asks:

I believe it’s really hard to define what makes someone happiest with just one thing or idea. There are cases where I feel it applies, like your wedding day or the birth/raising of a child. Much like life, happiness is a complicated emotion that I’m still trying to figure out.

In my early 20s, I felt like happiness was a winning power-ball lottery ticket. It just didn’t exist for me. I was bitter at my progress, how hard I was working with little pay off. Age 26 was when I truly gained a grasp on my happiness and how I should be grateful. I have a long ways to go still on a quest of being fulfilled, but I do know how to be happy with where I’m at now.

Since I rambled for a bit, here’s a quick list of some things that bring happiness to my life:

  1. Boy Meets World.
  2. Music, especially Lionel Richie’s.
  3. The feeling when the sun hits you after weeks of rainy days.
  4. Interacting with the greatest fans in the world.
  5. Scott Steiner promos.
  6. Great comics like Black Hammer.
  7. Deep conversations.
  8. Kanye West’s tweet about having to baby sit a water bottle.
  9. Chocolate milk.
  10. Katt Williams’ Pimp Chronicles, aka my favorite stand-up ever.

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