Guerilla Warfare: G-Unit vs. MMG

Artwork by James Dunne.

For years, G-Unit and Maybach Music Group have had issues. The two camps traded shots, had street fights, and cracked jokes, but it’s all time for that to end. Both groups agreed to one final night to end the long standing feud. They’ll step into the ring to do battle with only one side coming out on top.

Which faction reigns supreme in hip-hop? Will careers be made tonight? Will some be ended? Find out tonight on this special one-time only event known as Guerilla Warfare.

The pre-show saw a battle royal featuring the acts of both MMG and past members of G-Unit duking it out in an all-out war. Ultimately, a surprise return from Pill won the entire thing, eliminating Fat Trel and Omarion at the same time. He gave his victory speech right after.

“I’ve been gone for a long time. It’s people like Fat Trel and Omarion who felt they could steal my spot. Nah. I’m one of a kind. I’m taking back what’s mine, but unfortunately it won’t be under the allegiance of Maybach Music. And no, I’m not siding with G-Unit. I’ll reveal my new team soon. We taking over. Pill 2016 and forever.”

Now, the actual PPV is underway. The card is stacked. Grudge matches will be settled. Which faction will come out on top? We go live to Madison Square Garden.

Cage match: Kidd Kidd vs. Rockie Fresh (Winner gets an album release date)

The cage lowers around the ring. There’s something to be said about the importance of this match. Every match on the card is important in some way, but this is the bout that will make or break a career. Whoever wins in this one will be allowed to put out his debut album, effectively setting up future success.

In one corner, you have the hungrier-than-ever Kidd Kidd, an honorary G-Unit member who’s been in the industry for years. He used to run with the Young Money boys, but went where opportunity found him. In the other, Rockie Fresh, an underrated MMG artist, has a lot to prove. He’s gotten attention following his small indie success, but really made an impact when Ross recruited him.

Kidd Kidd extends his hand out to Rockie Fresh who looks at him confused before kicking it away. Kidd nods and mouths “okay,” then the two lock up. It’s a power struggle that Kidd is winning, but Rockie gives him a stiff kick to the leg and turns the lock up into a headlock. Kidd counters by pushing him into the ropes and Rockie falls trying to power his way through. At a much smaller frame, Rockie isn’t going to win by force but speed. Kidd tells him to try again, instead Rockie uses the chance to give him a spin kick to the stomach and jumps onto the middle rope for a back flip.

Rockie is in firm control at this point. He grabs Kidd and irish whips him into the ropes and right into a knee to the face. Not wasting any time or giving Kidd a chance to breathe, Rockie picks him up for a quick twisting suplex and a standing front flip. He begins climbing up the cage to escape, but Kidd meets him up there and the two begin trading shots. Left hand after left hand, both teetering on the cusp of unconsciousness. This moment could change the lives of either. More left hands. The crowd chants yay for every Rockie hit and boo for every Kidd shot. Finally, the two both collapsed, groins hurt from the top rope and potential chances for kids lowered.

Both men are crawling for rope assistance. Rockie gets up a few seconds earlier and hits Kidd with a series of kicks ranging from leg to stomach to the head. He uses this opportunity to climb the cage as Kidd struggles to get to his knees. At the top of the cage, Rockie looks at both sides. His ticket to freedom vs. Kidd Kidd’s damaged body just now getting up. He stands on the cage, the crowd silent and hung on anticipation, and Rockie leaps off it and connects with Kidd. The crowd erupts! A fury of “holy shit” chants circle the arena.

How much more can these two put themselves through? At some point, neither men will have the energy to scale the cage and get out. The match could result in a draw, leaving both artists to return to the mixtape circuit in hopes of getting called up to the main album club.

With every ounce of strength in his body, Kidd Kidd is the first to get back on his feet. He shows signs of frustration and repeatedly stomps on Rockie. He signals to the crowd that it’s time for the New Orleans Strong Arm Brainbuster, a combination finisher that has Kidd whipping his opponent into the ropes for a hard clothesline and quickly picking him up for a brainbuster. Rockie gets whipped, but he ducks the clothesline, hits the ropes, ducks another, and puts Kidd into a headscissors takedown. Are we going to see the Electric Highway??

Rockie is standing still in the ring, trying to catch his breath, and holding his stomach. He grabs Kidd and runs him into the cage wall. And again. And again. Rockie is coming off more aggressive and using the environment to his advantage. He sets Kidd up in the middle of the ring for the Electric Highway. He runs into the ropes, steps on Kidd’s chest, runs back into the ropes, another step, and finally jumps up to the middle section of the top rope to hit a 450 splash.

Now is the moment for Rockie Fresh to ascend the cage and claim his victory. Adrenaline is flowing through all of his veins and fueling his climb. He reaches the top and climbs out of the cage for the win as well as his album release date. It was one hell of a battle.

Backstage — Lloyd Banks getting ready

Lloyd Banks is lacing up his timbs. Yayo is giving him a pep talk. Just then, 50 Cent walks into the room. He flashes a million dollar smile as the crowd cheers. He wishes Banks and Yayo good luck and lets them know not to underestimate the wild nature of Gunplay.

Lloyd Banks (with Tony Yayo) vs. Gunplay

Lloyd Banks enters with seriousness on his face. He’s wearing a G-Unit hoodie with black jeans and timbs. All business, no play. Tony Yayo is steadily hyping up the crowd as the two make their way down to the ring with the tune of “On Fire” blaring across the arena.

“You see this? This is G-Unit, baby. Don’t think the PLK going down tonight,” Yayo says into the camera.

Banks rests against the turnbuckle as Yayo continues to bounce around the ring.

With a short deafening silence, Gunplay’s “Bible On The Dash” hits and the crowd goes nuts. Gunplay is clearly the fan favorite with his signature silk shirt, black tights bearing his name and a cigar in his mouth. He’s holding a microphone and takes the cigar out with his left hand.

“See, they doubted my nigga Rockie. He in the back celebrating now. Pouring champagne on models and shit. Rozay and Meek about to end some careers tonight. And me? Shiiit, I’m ready to finish what The Game started years ago. Banks, your time is up,” he pauses. “Yayo, why the fuck you even in here? Nobody cared about you a decade ago and we don’t now. You should probably be backstage with a towel and water bottle for that snitch.”

The crowd roars, setting Tony Yayo off out of the ring and right to Gunplay. Yayo gets hit with a microphone. Gunplay laughs as he’s laid out on the floor. He turns his attention to Banks and slides into the ring. The two get in each other’s face, trash talking as the ref tries to separate them.

Lloyd Banks swings on Gunplay, laying right hand after right hand until he’s backed up in the turnbuckle. Banks goes for an irish whip, but Gunplay counters and follows up with a clothesline. He taunts Banks and picks him back up for a scoop slam. A trio of stomps followed by a running senton splash.

At this point, Tony Yayo has finally recovered. He’s leaned on the apron, hitting it with force, in hopes of Banks shifting the momentum.

Gunplay has Banks where he wants. He drags Banks over toward the turnbuckle and climbs up to the top. Yayo climbs up on the apron but Gunplay spots him early enough to give him a hard kick to the face. Gunplay takes the dive onto Banks, but at the last possible second, Banks rolls out of the way. He uses the ropes as leverage to get back up. Clutching his chest, Gunplay is back on his feet. Banks goes for a clothesline, misses and eats a superkick from Gunplay.

The crowd is on the edge of their seats. Both competitors are evenly matched and neither wants to go down. Gunplay leaves the ring to go by the announcer’s table. He directs one of the ring officials out of a steel chair. Yayo sees what he’s doing and tries to stop, but Gunplay is able to stick him in the chest with the top of the chair. Like a madman possessed, he hits Yayo several times in the back and slides back into the ring.

Banks is just getting to his feet when Gunplay runs at him with the chair and connects directly at his head. The ref calls for a disqualification. Gunplay swings at the ref who flees the ring quickly. There’s aggression in Gunplay’s eyes as he gets off shot after shot on Banks. He sets the chair down, picks Banks back up, and leans him against the turnbuckle. The crowd is shocked at the blood pouring down his face. Gunplay’s maniacal laughter fills the air. He picks up the chair for one final kill shot. Banks looks dead. He may have won the match, but Gunplay looks to have won the war.

Backstage promo: Gunplay

Tory Michaels: “Gunplay, we just witnessed you go absolutely crazy out there in the ring against Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Why throw such an important match like that?”

Gunplay: “Because, Tory, it’s not about winning. It’s about ending careers. I think I made my point clear. Both of them can’t even walk out on their own. I crippled what was left of their careers. Were you honestly expecting anything else out of me? Haha.”

Tory: “So you’re not concerned with any repercussions following your actions?”

Gunplay: “Hell fucking no. The boss and Meek about to finish the head of G-Unit. Once you cut off the head, ain’t nobody rising up to take his spot. Banks finished, Yayo ain’t gonna be opening his mouth for a while, so who gonna step up? Kidd Kidd? Don’t make me laugh. Maybach Music Group, we the strongest force in the squared circle. Remember that.”

Rick Ross & Meek Mill vs. 50 Cent & Drake

The sounds of the “Mafia Music” instrumental start. An all white Maybach comes out from the side of the stage. A driver steps out to open up the back door, revealing a relaxed looking Rick Ross, draped out in an unbuttoned Versace shirt and black pants with some designer all black sunglasses. He makes his way to the ring, showing love to the fans with high fives.

Meek Mill comes out next to the tune of “Dreams & Nightmare.” Besides some ice around his neck, Meek’s entrance is pretty regular. He’s donned in all black and milking the hell out of his entrance. A minute goes by and he’s still up at the titantron, presumably wanting the second half of his theme music to drop.

As soon as Meek starts walking down the ramp, running out of the back with force, 50 Cent, rocking a bulletproof vest, fitted cap and black jeans, attacks him from behind. He rolls down the ramp as 50 tries to get some stomps in.

Ross attempts to help Meek when Drake jumps over the barricade from the crowd and slides into the ring. Drake throws a right hand but Ross laughs it off and gives him one of his own, causing Drake to fall and roll out of the ring. He takes off his Versace shirt and tosses it at Drake.

Meanwhile, 50 is walking Meek around the outside floor into the steel turnbuckle, barricades and finally the announcer’s table. Drake joins in on helping 50 as the two take turns throwing shots at Meek. Ross exits the ring, but not before 50 spots him and, with Drake, runs away in opposite directions. Ross checks on Meek who says he’s fine and the two get back in the ring to taunt 50 and Drake. The ref is desperately trying to get this match back in order. Ross and Meek finally get into one corner, 50 and Drake in the other. They decide who is going to kick things off.

50 Cent and Meek Mill circle the ring, never taking their eyes off each other, before going into a lock up. Fif powers him into the ropes. The ref gets in the middle to break it up but not before 50 gets a hard smack at Meek. This infuriates Meek and he goes after 50 who just tagged in Drake. The infamous laugh of 50 taunts Meek. Drake throws a few shots before setting him up for a DDT. He puts Meek’s throat on the bottom rope and applies pressure. The ref counts up to four before he releases and picks up Meek. He tags in 50 who goes right into a mean kick-punch combo before tagging Drake back in.

These two have Meek Mill isolated in their corner. Drake, being the overly braggadocios character he is, makes Rick Ross mad and the ref has to restrain him from coming into the ring. Fif is choking the life out of Meek as he lays against the bottom turnbuckle, then Drake hits a running knee. He picks Meek up who is now bleeding from his mouth. Throughout his entire career, Meek has been someone who never lets himself get beat down. He’s always gotten back up, but can he bounce back from this savage beating?

The pairing of 50 and Drake continue the onslaught as Rick Ross watches from the other side, desperate to hop in the ring. After dominating Meek, 50 irish whips him hard into Rick Ross’ turnbuckle. He falls face first. Ross mad at the lost opportunity to get a tag. It’s such an insult on 50’s behalf. With one ounce of strength left, Meek is able to fight off 50’s attempt to pull him back to his corner and hot tag in Rick Ross. Meek runs out of the ring and onto the floor looking like a lifeless corpse.

Rozay is fired up! He knocks 50 dead in the face, sending him down to the mat, and almost hits Drake but he saw it coming. Ross’ attention shifts back to 50 who is back on his feet. He runs at him, using his body weight to knock him down. He’s taking cues from other heavier legends like Vader to use his weight to his advantage. A bear hug follows but 50 rakes Ross’ eyes and uses the short moment to get a tag into Drake.

“Tag back in that punk bitch,” Rick Ross says pointing to 50. “Most definitely don’t be a pussy.”

Drake looks in 50’s direction who looks amused at the situation. Fif extends his hand, Drake tags, and we’re back to what was happening a minute ago. Unexpectedly, Meek is back on the apron yelling for Ross to tag him in. The crowd goes crazy when Ross points at Meek. He tags him in and a newly energized Meek is ready to get his revenge.

All the lights in the arena shut off. Lightning sounds and the lights come back on. Someone is in the ring. He removes his hood revealing himself as Wale. The fans are going nuts! Wale has repeatedly said he was going to stay out of these issues and focus on himself. He has a sledgehammer in his hands and looks in both artists’ directions. Leaving the crowd in suspense for what feels like forever, Wale jabs Meek in the stomach and he goes down instantly. He leaves the ring and Ross hops off the apron to confront him.

“I’m sorry,” he tells a fuming Ross. “It had to be done.”

Back in the ring, 50 performs his signature move, 9 shots, a lightning quick set of punches ending with a kick to the head, on Meek. A tag to Drake leads to his Views From The 6 finisher, which is a variation of the Diamond Cutter with more stunting. He goes for a pin. One…two…three! 50 and Drake win.

This was a long battle, but only one team could’ve came out on top. Rick Ross puts his hands on his head in sorrow. 50 and Drake dap each other and raise each other’s arms in victory. Ross halfway slides under the bottom rope to grab Meek. The two walk back up the ramp as the losers of tonight’s main event.

50 grabs a microphone. “You know, we were destined to come out on top. Teaming up with Drake was the right choice. I just want to say that this man right here is the future. He’s going to be a problem in the coming years.” He shakes Drake’s hand.

“But right now? I’m the problem!”

A swift kick to Drake’s gut followed by a stunner sends him to the mat. 50 Cent continues to celebrate as the crowd is left confused. The boos start to get louder, making him smile as he exits and heads to the back.

Drake gets back up and the crowd chants “OVO.” 50 looks at him getting the praise from the top of the ramp. Drake glares with the intensity that could intimidate even the toughest of men.

The long standing G-Unit vs. Maybach Music Group vendetta was settled tonight. It’s the closest to full closure that we’ll likely get. Many men may never be the same again.

However, through our final shot of the night, do we have a new feud in the making?

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