Stop Unfairly Hating on Reboots

The biggest takeaway from the classic Chappelle sketch The Player Hater’s Ball is that there is an art to hating. I’m all for people throwing out their hate from time to time, but the internet goes overboard with this idea. Log onto Twitter right now and I bet you don’t have to go far to find someone hating on something. Hate takes shape in many forms, so I’ve gathered you here today to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart: the unfair treatment of reboots.

Now, I’m not the guy who gets excited for EVERY single reboot (WHY ROSEANNE!?). I will forever be one to give it a chance rather than dismiss it without watching. I sat through two disappointing seasons of The X-Files, an unnecessary season of Prison Break, and the surprisingly good Girl Meets World that Disney cancelled too early. My problems lie in the folks who don’t understand what a reboot is.

Reboot: an act or instance of making a change in order to establish a new beginning.

The word change is a big part of what a reboot is. If you’re expecting most of the shows to show back up as you knew them five to 20 years ago, you’re lying to yourself. A recent example, that inspired this whole…rant thing(?) I’m doing, is Muppet Babies coming back with new crisp animation, a purple penguin that I’m undecided on, and a brand spanking new theme song that builds upon the original. Listen to this:

While not an overwhelming amount of people dislike it, there’s always those people who take time out of their Doritos dipping to type “the ’80s theme is better” or some variation. I don’t understand those people. Do they expect them to just take the original song and leave it as it is? I don’t understand shows that wouldn’t want to build on the foundation, which is precisely what Muppet Babies does.

Now, a better example of pure hate is the upcoming Boss Baby animated series on Netflix. Oh, you didn’t know that was happening? NEITHER DID I. *looks at Netflix with disgust*. As of now, there almost more dislikes than likes. The comments make it sound like this show came into our homes, robbed us for our jewels, and then shot us in the leg for fun.

People seem to not be on board with the idea of the animation and voices being changed. Go figure. I struggle to find an issue with the animation. It must be one of those “this video game doesn’t run at 1080p and 60fps” situations. With voices, I get it. Making a movie is way different than a series. Netflix wouldn’t have greenlit Boss Baby if they were paying the same money Paramount did for the movie. The show has potential if you don’t act fake outraged at changes that don’t really even impact the trailer much.

Did you think there wasn’t anything more despised more than Boss Baby’s series? I present to you… Teen Titans Go…. *thunder and lightning*. From the moment that Cartoon Network announced TTG, fans were getting their message board posts ready. It didn’t help that people believe they “cancelled” Young Justice for it.

For anyone unfamiliar, Teen Titans Go *thunder and lightning* has the unfortunate task of following up the first, and now classic, series. If the original was Dwight, TTG is definitely Jim. The animation is more child-friendly with the cheesy humor turned up to the max. It’s a very different take on the heroes, but one that is still fun.

That’s where people go wrong with reboots. They’re not willing to appreciate or give anything new a chance. If it’s not exactly like they remember it, they’ll revolt. The age-old “don’t judge a book by its cover” quote applies to this.

If the reboot completely sucks, hate on. Just give it an honest chance… And stop hating on minor things like if main character A’s outfit was blue with orange circles and now it’s purple with white stars.

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