How to Convert Fiat or Other Cryptocurrency to Ethereum in Order to Participate in ServAdvisor ICO

Sep 3, 2018 · 13 min read

ServAdvisor is a worldwide first decentralized services recommendation platform based on unique customer specific preferences. ServAdvisor utilizes Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart Contracts and Original Token, creating a revolutionary token-based economy connecting service consumers and retailers\ service providers into one eco-system.

The ServCoin token will be used within the decentralized retailers\ service providers recommendation platform as a reward to users who provide accurate business information, high quality reviews, good photos and content from all around the world.

ServCoin is a utility token that will become the currency that enables retailers and service providers to utilize this powerful blockchain distributed platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter choices.

Now, here is what you need to do if you want to purchase ServCoin tokens now either for your money and\or another cryptocurrency.

Please note:

If you try to participate in the ServAdvisor Token Sale by sending funds from an exchange wallet you will not receive your tokens.

ServAdvisor will never contact you via social media, Telegram, or email asking you to send funds to a wallet address.

Step 1. Create your Ethereum Wallet

First of all you will need to set up your Ethereum wallet. There are many tools and apps for that out there. But not all of them support new ERC-20 tokens, and you will need those.

We recommend using one of the following:


Ethereum Mist Wallet

● Ethereum’s online wallet


Although you can use any of these four, in this article we will use MetaMask and MyEtherWallet as examples.

1.1 How To Set Up Your MetaMask ERC20 Wallet

Please watch the video how MetaMask works.

MetaMask is an application that allows users to access a secure Ethereum ERC20 compatible wallet directly from their browser.

Participants in the ServAdvisor Token Sale need to send their contribution from a non-exchange ERC20 compatible wallet — MetaMask is one of these.

1) Download the plugin

In order to install MetaMask visit the Chrome web store:

Click “ADD TO CHROME” and agree to add the MetaMask extension into your Chrome browser.

2) Activate the plugin

When the Chrome extension is installed you’ll see the MetaMask (fox) icon in the top right corner of your Chrome window. Click the MetaMask icon, “accept” the privacy agreement and the Terms and Conditions.

3) Create your account

Now you need to create a password for your MetaMask account — this is what you’ll use on a daily basis to log into it.

Ideally, the password you choose will be 8-characters or longer and include numbers, capitals, small letters, and symbols. Try and avoid using anything that may be easy-to-guess. Once you have entered and confirmed your password click “create”.

4) Save your seed words

MetaMask will now provide you with a list of “seed words”. Seed words are also known as a Recovery Phrase. You’ll use this random list of words if you lose your password and need to recover your funds and wallet.

It is highly recommended that you write these words down and keep them in a safe place or save the seed words as a file and then password protect it.

Many people skip this process and end up losing access to their wallet entirely.

Ideally keep multiple copies of your seed words in different places. It’s not advisable to take pictures of your seed words or make digital copies of them.

You should not store them in your email, cloud storage, or your phone’s photo library as if you are hacked you could lose your wallet and funds. If you must keep them in email or cloud storage make sure they are encrypted with at least an 8 character complex password.

5) Congratulations!

Once you’ve confirmed your seed words are saved securely your wallet is ready! You are now able to send Ethereum to your MetaMask wallet and are one step closer to participating in the ServAdvisorToken Sale.

1.2 How To Set Up MyEtherWallet

Visit The first thing you see is Create New Wallet.

Come up with a strong password, fill in the form, make sure to remember it by heart, and then press ‘Create New Wallet’.

Now, save your Keystore File. Click ‘Download Keystore File’ and save the file somewhere on your computer or on a thumb drive for extra security. After you have saved the file (triple-check this!), go ahead and click the Continue button.

On the next screen you will see your Private Key, it’s a string of symbols. Make sure you write down or print your Private Key in order to create a Paper Wallet. Remember, there’s no way to remind you of your password or Private Key, the technology simply doesn’t allow that! If it’s lost, it’s lost forever! So, please take all of the warnings you will see on those pages seriously.

Proceed to next screen.

As you can see, there are many ways of accessing your wallet, but for clarity’s sake we’ll stick with the Private Key option. Simply paste or type in your private key, then click ‘Unlock’.

Another option is to use the keystore file you saved on your computer earlier, then enter your password and then you’ll be able to click ‘Unlock’.

Now you have full access to your Ethereum Wallet and that’s it! It was simple, right? If you want to access your wallet again, go to and click on ‘View Wallet Info’ in the top right corner.

Step 2: Purchase your first Ether

Now you can actually start using your wallet. In order to fill your wallet with the Ether (ETH) needed to purchase ServCoin tokens, you will need a cryptocurrency exchange.

There are many exchanges out there, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and many more.

Some of these allow you to trade fiat currency (dollars or euro) for Ethereum directly (Cex (most countries are supported), Coinbase (limited No. of Countries supported), while others only allow exchanging Bitcoin (BTC) or another cryptocurrency to ETH. Also note that exchanges offer different exchange rates. Some might be more favorable to you than others. Visit a few of exchanges, compare their rates and choose wisely!

Depending on where you live, we have provided the names of some of the most popular exchanges you can use.

North America:



South America:



We will not go into more detail about which exchange could be the best fit for you. Instead, we will show you the easiest way to purchase ETH and receive it on the wallet you have just created. Note again that this is the easiest way to do it, but may not be the best for you.

2.1 How To Set Up Your Coinbase Account / Purchase Cryptocurrency

1) Visit — double check the URL to ensure you are on the official Coinbase website.

2) Click sign-up and choose whether you want to create an individual or business account. Fill in your first and last name. Your email address. And then choose a secure password and certify that you are over 18.

Please note the password you choose must be 8-characters or longer and include numbers, capitals, small letters, and symbols. Try and avoid using anything that may be easy-to-guess.

Treat this process as seriously if you were setting up your online bank account.

Click “Create an account.” Verify your email and phone number.

3) You’ll now be taken to the Coinbase homepage. You’ll notice the Dashboard, Buy/Sell, Accounts, Tools, Settings and Invite Friends buttons. Down in the bottom left-hand corner click “Verify your identity”.

4) You’ll now be given three options to choose from Passport, Driver’s Licence, and Photo ID.

In this case, we’re going to upload a Driver’s Licence — please note the process is similar for all three options and fairly straightforward.

5) Select Driver’s Licence. You’ll then be given the choice to either upload an existing image of your ID — or you can take a picture using your Webcam. In this case, we chose the Webcam option. If your browser prompts, allow Coinbase to “Use your camera”.

Hold your Photo ID up to your Webcam and follow the advice Coinbase provides to ensure you get a clear image. Take a picture of the front and back of your licence.

6) Now take a selfie. Coinbase uses this to compare your likeness against your Photo ID to confirm who you say you are.

7) Coinbase will now verify your ID. When it is approved you will receive an email confirmation. Now you need to add a payment method to your account. Click “Add a payment method”.

8) You now have two options — in this case we’re going to show you how to add a Credit/Debit card as it is the quickest and easiest payment method to add. Bank Transfers can take up to a week to arrive in your Coinbase account and require extra verification steps. On the upside, you are able to transfer larger amounts of money using the Bank Account option.

9) Fill out the form with the details of the address your card is registered at and click “Add Billing Address”. Then fill in your card details with your name, the card, number, expiry date, CVC code, and Postal code. Then click “Add Card”.

2.2 How to buy Ethereum using Coinbase

1) Now you have added the payment source you are ready to buy cryptocurrency! Click Buy/Sell in the navigation bar at the top.

2) You are now in the Buy/Sell screen which will default to buying cryptocurrency. For the ServAdvisor Token Sale, you will be able to participate in Ethereum.

Click Ethereum.

3) Now enter in USD (or your local currency), how much you want to spend. Coinbase will calculate what this equates to in the digital currency you have selected. You’ll also notice that there is a small fee included, this can be seen in the breakdown on the right-hand side.

4) Click Buy and Confirm Buy.

5) Congratulations! You have now bought your Ethereum and it will be stored in your Coinbase exchange wallet.

6) If you click Accounts, you’ll now be able to see your transaction and how much you have in your wallet.

2.3 How To Transfer Ethereum to MetaMask

1) Visit — double check the URL to ensure you are on the official Coinbase website and login.

2) Login and click Accounts in the Coinbase navigation

3) Log into your MetaMask Wallet

4) Click the three dots above Buy and Send.

5) Click ‘Copy Address to clipboard’ — this is the public address of your MetaMask wallet

6) Paste the address into the Wallet Address field on Coinbase — here you are telling Coinbase where you want to send your Ethereum so make sure the address is correct!

7) In the Amount field enter either the amount in your local currency or cryptocurrency you wish to send.

8) Once you click continue you’ll need to confirm the transaction.

9) Your transaction will now be pending — you can see the status of the transaction in the Account tab on Coinbase.

Please note that depending on demand on the Ethereum network it may take some time for the transaction to complete. During high-network periods this can take a couple of hours.

When your transaction is complete you’ll see a confirmation screen that looks like the following

10) Congratulations! When you open MetaMask you’ll now notice that you have received your Ethereum and are ready to participate in the ServAdvisor Token Sale (if you have passed KYC).

2.4 How to purchase ETH with MyEtherWallet

Visit MyEtherWallet and click on the Coinbase widget you see when you log in

Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, and this widget allows you to easily purchase ETH and immediately send it to your wallet. The process is pretty straightforward and we won’t get into detail here. Just click on the widget and follow their instructions. You’ll be asked to fill in your name, the amount of ETH you’d like to purchase, your email address, and your phone number.

Step 3: Send ETH to the ServAdvisor ICO

Whether you already had a wallet full of cryptocurrency, or have just recently created one using the first two steps from this article, you are now ready to participate in the ServAdvisor ICO.

The next thing you need to do is visit

In order to participate, you first need to pass KYC, after you will be transferred to token purchase page.

Here, one is presented with all the necessary information to buy ServAdvisor tokens: address to contribute, minimal amount of contribution, and recommended Gas limit.

The most important thing here is the target address. It’s just another wallet like yours. Select the whole string of characters and copy it to clipboard (ctrl-c).

Now open MetaMask or MyEtherWallet and click ‘Send’ or ‘Send Ether & Tokens‘ accordingly.

Paste the target address into ‘To Address’ field (ctr-v), type in the amount of Ether you want to invest and volume of Gas you’re expecting to spend.

What is Gas and Gas limit? Every transaction in Ethereum network requires a resource called Gas to be executed. Amount of Gas corresponds to the complexity of a transaction. If you set Gas limit too low, your transaction will fail. Think of it just like having gas in your vehicle (ETH in your wallet), and the destination is the ICO address. If you don’t put enough gas in your vehicle to get to the destination you’re going to, you won’t make it. Lower Gas setting will take longer such as driving a fuel efficient vehicle at slower speed. In MyEtherWallet you can set desired Gas price in the top right block.

We recommend setting this value to 20+ Gwei and 200000 gas limit. This is reasonably cheap and priority of your transaction will be decent.

The last thing you have to do is to click ‘Generate Transaction’ and then ‘Send Transaction’.

That’s it! Now you’re a happy owner of much desired ServCoin tokens. Let’s put them into your MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

In MyEtherWallet Click on ‘View Wallet Info’ menu and open your wallet as you did before. To the right you’ll see a block called ‘Token Balances’.

Click ‘Add Custom Token’ and enter Contract address received before from token purchase page.

In MetaMask click Menu -> Add Token -> Custom Token -> enter Contract address received before from token purchase page

In a few seconds after you clicked ‘Save’, you’ll see the balance of your ServAdvisor (SRV) tokens.

That’s pretty much it! You’ve purchased the ServCoins tokens you wanted, you’ve supported a great team, and you believe in us and our groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas!

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