ServAdvisor PreSale Stage 1 Closes Today

ServAvdisor PreSale stage 1 is still ongoing and closes today at 23:59:59. Please hurry up to secure valuable 30% bonus!

In order to participate in PreSale:

  • please pass KYC under
  • after successful KYC you will be redirected to ServAdvisor Token Sale page to proceed with investment

At ServAdvisor we are all about community: whether it’s about keeping you updated, getting your feedback, or ensure you get all information you need to take part.

We know many of you out there are professional crypto traders. However, ServAdvisor is a platform that aims to introduce crypto to the masses and that’s why we prepared a series of articles explaining how to do everything from setting up a wallet to participating in the ServAdvisor ICO.

3 Steps How to Participate in ServAdvisor PreICO:

Step 1. Create your Ethereum Wallet

Step 2. Purchase your first Ether

Step 3: Send ETH to the ServAdvisor

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