The stuff that dreams are made of.

I am a curious person, always looking for information about all kinds of different topics, often pondering about things, from simple practical matters to deep or even dark things that pass every persons' mind from time to time.

This thing I have been wondering about for a while, is what we call dreams. It was all caused by something I read in one of Deepak Chopra's books, where he says that if you are sleeping, and yet you realize that you can hear your spouse breathing besides you, you are clearly not alone, meaning, you are not one separate entity, but part of a whole.

This led me to another theory, knowing that I am not alone is this chain of thoughts. We all agree that the world we see when we are not sleeping is the real world, and the world we meet in our dreams isn't. But who says we're right? The things we see in our dreams look right, feel right, usually smell right and are effectively just as real as the things that happen to us in the real world, so how (or why) do we decide what world is real?

I know that in your dreams, bits and pieces from the "real" world are glued together, often in strange ways, but these ways are only strange when compared to this "real" world. Besides the question how we decide which world is real, the question that makes this all worth the time you are taking to read this, and later, to think about it, is why. Why do we decide this? The world we call real is obviously some sort of a role playing game, so why can't we agree that the dreamworld is just as real?