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You are definitely not alone. I am having the same thoughts. Only recently, I have found a little peace from time to time to get my fiction on paper. And I am using Medium as my platform to put my stuff out there. But I own a creative mind. New ideas, thoughts and other stuff keeps popping up in my head. I try to focus on only a few topics, or styles, because I think the world will implode if I put *every* thought out there. Also, I wouldn't have the time. Reader stats are horrible so far, but I am actually thinking of creating a publication. I don't care about the sheer number of people that read my stuff, but if my writing can inspire others to do, think, dream or understand, I'm good. The little thing is, it is nice to know people have found something in my words.

Fortunately, I am mostly writing for my self right now. I am sharpening my skill. Trying out things. And letting things out.

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