By Erik Edstrom

“Am I wasting my fucking time?”

It’s my belief that all writers, debut and seasoned, alike, confront this question. I certainly was no different. During the writing of my book, Un-American: A Soldier’s Reckoning of our Longest War, I felt frustrated, unmoored, and at times, aimless. I am here to tell aspiring veteran-authors: these feelings are not only completely normal, but you should expect them.

I have chosen to write this article for S2S with the hope of achieving four things: 1) I want to demystify the writing process and provide some practical tips on what you need to do to publish a book; 2) I want to provide a glimpse, ‘under the hood,’ to show you what it looks and feels like to actually sit-down each day and devote yourself to a book; 3) Explain the opportunity costs — that is, what else you could be doing instead of writing — to help inform your decision; and 4) Provide a sense of encouragement that if a dipshit such as myself can write a book, you can too — so long as you are patient and dedicated. …


Service to School

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