Your church needs to be bigger.

Your church needs to be bigger. But many of you are saying, It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the life change. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the work of ministry. We absolutely agree…and your church needs to be bigger because what you’re saying is true. If your church is bigger, that means your church has more life change. If your church is bigger that means your church has more opportunity to do the work of ministry. There is more impact on your community if your church is bigger. More people are coming to faith, more lives changed in the name of Jesus.

Not only does your church need to get bigger, but all of the churches in your community need to get bigger. This is how we can be sure more ministry is being done, more people are coming to Christ, and more people are experiencing new life. Your church and THE CHURCH need to get bigger.

So How Does My Church Get Bigger?

Two ways come to my mind.


Pray that God increases the size of your church. Not for numbers sake, but for the sake of the lives that will be changed by Jesus. We know it is God that does the work, therefore we don’t have to caveat this against selfish ambition. Boldly pray that God increases HIS kingdom and beg that He would use you, your staff, and your congregation in HIS work.

Invite Your Congregation

Invite your congregation in on this mission. Tell them that your church needs to be bigger. Tell them the way your church gets bigger is through them inviting their friends, their neighbors, and their co-workers to engage with the life of your church. They are the means by which people enter in. In some crazy act of grace, God wants to use us to accomplish HIS mission.

ServiceSheets Wants To Help

We are putting together a new feature in our digital bulletins that will allow your congregation to share your events and announcements with neighbors, friends, and whoever, just by swiping! We want this to be one more tool to help your congregation connect with those who need to know Jesus. We want your church to be bigger, so we can all celebrate more lives changed and more work done through THE CHURCH.

Look for this in the coming weeks and thank you for being part of this community to help build a better bulletin.