The Force Awakens
Jeremy Keith

Wow…I just saw “The Force Awakens” tonight..technically, the 7pm showing in KTLA.

Okay, lets talk about this a bit.. I grew up with Star Wars. I loved every original character, got up to this one…


Love Finn, his role and his comical behavior…as a love interest…NO! Nothing to do with looks or anything, I really don’t see an appealing part of him as a Lead character. And when he was about to run away…I thought “ far, far away”

I know that does not sound so nice of me, but the force within me…happens to hold a lot of truth. (LOL..maybe in my own universe, right?)

Back to the part when they stole The Millennium Falcon…my heart started racing. I knew that was Han Solo’s ship! And the skill set of Rei…just blew me away, I had a woman empowering moment throughout the whole movie. Talk about every Daddy issue and Mommy abandonment struggles come to life…right in front of my eyes.

I am not ashamed of admitting that I cried…I am a girl, so I can validate it…but the moment Luke turned around at the end, I sat there with tears rolling down from behind the 3D glasses…and I realized that I was the last one in theatre, still crying. The tears I cried were not of sadness, it was more like the tears beyond the tears of a bride on her wedding day as she marries the love of her life, tears that married couples have when they find out they will have a child, or the tears a Law Student has after they pass the Bar…

The tears of possibilities emerging in life.

Seeing Luke Skywalker at the end reminded me of George Lucas and his alter-ego being poured into a masterpiece such as Star Wars..and the evolution of people being a part of such a remarkable movie-lineage.

Sorry to Finn, not the character..but I guess the character just has to grow on me. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that Finn(the actor) reminds me of my ex-boyfriend. But I can try to justify my reasons with that…but I doubt he will grow on me anytime soon.

Love the read and hope you like my response.

May the Force be with you…

-this is what happens when Gen-X revisits their childhood-

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