Bootsketch User Guide

In this post we’ll cover the following:

  1. Using the Sketch Runner Plugin with Bootsketch
  2. Symbol Organization
  3. Updating Colors Globally
  4. Updating Typography Globally

Sketch Runner

I highly recommend using the Sketch Runner plugin to help speed up your workflow.

It’s kind of like Spotlight Search, but for Sketch.

Instead of searching through the symbol menu dropdown, use Sketch Runner to initiate these commands without leaving the keyboard.

Use Sketch runner to do common tasks like search for symbols just by typing!


1. Go to and click on Download now

2. Unzip the download and you should see a .sketchplugin file. double click that file and it will install.


To initiate Sketch Runner type ( ⌘ ” ) That will bring up the Sketch Runner dialog.

Sketch Runner Dialog

For our purposes we’ll be using the Insert option.

Either start typing insert and then hit “Tab” to change to the insert menu

Insert + tab will move you to the insert menu within Sketch Runner

Alternatively, you can change the settings to always launch Runner on the insert tab if you’d like.

Hit the settings gear to change the default launch menu

When on the insert tab, you can search for symbols within your current symbol library, or from a linked symbol library.

Combine multiple words to search for nested symbols. Any symbol that contains those words will appear in the results

Symbol Organization

Symbols are organized alphabetically on the symbols page. You can also see examples of each component on the 💎 Components page

Each symbol is named according to the Bootstrap 4.0 documentation so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Symbols that have color variations have prefixed numbers so you can see them in their proper order

All color variants prefixed

Complete Symbols (!)

Nested symbols like the dropdown, or accordion will be prefixed with a (!) so that it floats to the top of your menu and signifies that it is a complete symbol component.

Parts of a Symbol ⚙️

If you see the ⚙️ icon, that signifies there are multiple pieces in that symbol that make up a complete symbol. Symbols under the ⚙️ aren’t necessary useful on their own, but are part of a larger, more complete parent symbol.

For example, the next / previous icons make up the !carousel symbol. These aren’t important on their own, but rather they make up the larger parent symbol


Colors used in each component are represented on the handy 🖌 Styles page for quick color changes and theme updates. Changing a color here updates all that color in all other instances.

To update a color, click one of the color blocks, change the color and click the update icon next to the layer style.

This will update all components connected to the solid/1-primary layer style. Check out the 🔁 Symbols page!


Just like with colors, you can update your typography with a few adjustments.

It might not be obvious at first, but all font alignments (left, center, and right aligned) are represented for each type. This will allow you to update font styles quickly.

Changing the global typeface

If you want to change the font family drag across the entire Typography Artboard and change the font via the Typeface select dropdown.

Changing font color

Let’s say that you just want to change the color of the dark font to something else. Just highlight half of the panel and change the color.

Changing Individual fonts

Changing individual headers is just as easy. Just be sure to select all alignments when you update an individual font.


I hope that Bootsketch saves you hundreds of hours of work!

If you see a bug, something you’d like to see in a future update, please let me know. Either via email or on the public Bootsketch Trello board.