I’m probably missing the point, but how do you take what you’ve done in Sketch and utilize it in…
Steve Manatt

Hi Steve,

You can’t actually output CSS with Bootksetch, however there are a few other scenarios that Bootsketch is helpful for.

If your developer is using Bootstrap:

  1. It helps bridge the gap between designer & developer, and helps them both be on the same page. If I as a designer know all the default assets my developer has at his disposal I can pull those into my design with confidence knowing that those are pretty much plug and play when things get to development
  2. If I’ve made edits & branding updates to bootsketch, I can simply share my design with the developer and he can see what colors / components were updated. From there he’ll know exactly what needs to be changed within the bootstrap ecosystem.

If your developer is NOT using Bootstrap

Bootsketch still gives you a TON of design assets that help you put your mockup together very quickly.

  1. It gives you many standard components that’d you’d need to create regardless. (like buttons, forms, typography, linked color styles)
  2. It gives you artboards with all the major breakpoints with accurate grid spacing for different sized screens.
  3. And the best reason is that all of these components work really really well. I’ve tested them time and again to make sure they resize fluidly, and are easy to override or modify.

Hope this helps!