Let’s Reverse Engineer the Instagram Design Brief

Seth Coelen
May 25, 2016 · 2 min read
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So. Instagram redesigned their logo, and people went crazy. #FirstWorldProblems

Not too soon after that critics of the critics swooped in and made a few good points. Some said we shouldn’t judge because we weren’t in the meetings deciding the goals & expectations of the new logo. Others pointed out that you don’t have the brief, requirements, constraints, etc.

So, what requirements would you need to have to end up with the current Instagram logo?

in the spirit of good fun, let’s reverse engineer the brief, requirements, restraints and possible comments made in the design meetings. I’ll start us off.

  • Trendy, but not
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Source https://twitter.com/codysanfilippo/status/730406792140890117
  • If flat design had a baby with a sunrise gradient & the ocean

Keep it going, post your design brief requirements in the comments below!

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