Let’s Reverse Engineer the Instagram Design Brief

So. Instagram redesigned their logo, and people went crazy. #FirstWorldProblems

Not too soon after that critics of the critics swooped in and made a few good points. Some said we shouldn’t judge because we weren’t in the meetings deciding the goals & expectations of the new logo. Others pointed out that you don’t have the brief, requirements, constraints, etc.

  • Trendy, but not
  • Let’s push the boundaries
  • No, let’s really push the boundaries
  • That looks good, but use your left hand this time
  • Think IOS 8, but on drugs
  • Gradient 3.0! 🤗
  • I have a nephew who knows how to work the Photoshop
Source https://twitter.com/codysanfilippo/status/730406792140890117
  • If flat design had a baby with a sunrise gradient & the ocean
  • If a unicorn ate skittles & taco bell at the same time…
  • Something unique and recognizable
  • ehh..not what we’re after, but these will look great in our branding video
  • Guys, our app is the only app left in the app store that still has a skeuomorphic app icon

Keep it going, post your design brief requirements in the comments below!

Freelance UI/UX Designer. Creator of Bootsketch.com

Freelance UI/UX Designer. Creator of Bootsketch.com