It’s all about the story

It’s all about the story.

I recently had the amazing good fortune to attend
Roy H. Williams Wizard Academy.

I have probably 20 pages of notes,
and three books I am reading that were recommended.

If I had to list my two biggest takeaway’s they would be:

1. What you leave out in your marketing is more important than what you put in.

2. It’s all about the story.

Example 1: There have been studies done (with people hooked up to brain
scanners) where the subjects were given wine and told it was cheap.
Then they were given another glass and told how expensive it was, and how long it had been aged,
and the process for making it, and the story of the founding of the winery.
They not only said the second glass tasted better, but the MRI machine’s
showed the pleasure centers of their brains were activated much more
intensely during the second glass.
Guess what? They served them the same wine both times.
It’s all about the story.

Example 2: My 8 year old son has been obsessed with Minecraft for years.
He not only plays the game, but has a collection of books about the game.
He has magazines and books about playing the game better.
He also has fan fiction — unauthorized novels written about the characters in the game.

The newest version just game out — the IPAD/IPHONE APP
Minecraft Story mode.
It’s kind of like a choose your own adventure game, as opposed to building stuff.
They even got famous actors to do the voices of the characters in the game.
This app is at the top of the App store, featured by APPLE.
It is selling like hotcakes, to a built in audience, the millions of Minecraft fans
who want more. The manufactured story behind the characters is selling millions of copies.

It’s all about the story.

What’s your story?

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