i’ve always admired advertising and marketing until…

Seth Kontny

My first encounter with an advertising and marketing firm. How behind the times they were, operationally limited/stuck within a framework like adobe. However they did not understand they were limited to such a framework, and limitations of framework don’t need to expand unless consumer base (advertising/marketing) companies demand more then supply given (framework)😂.. Thus will not occur as they don’t hire individuals(most of the time, nor do indivduals seek such postions) to alter advertising/marketing companies position, thus limitation by frameworks (they pay for/ to use). Very sad and backwards indeed! It’s all about trend setting or setting ahead of set trends, thus not trending content, and then what I (Seth Kontny) label as business integration (success or strategic) model/modeling. Understanding and not limiting advertisements hence marketing to limitations of frameworks of software prior developed products to aid companies in future marketing schemas. Why would a company that gets it’s revenue from advertising and marketing be subject to frameworks of yesterdays logic from data collections and assumption by limited knowledge base (past and not real-time) even if framework offeres real-time advertisement/marketing?

draft and to finish later; 😭 this has been of occurance for the past 9 years, and if a company or person were to invade such market and unleash a open framework. These million dollar advertising firms would be subject to immediate loss of contacts and clientele. Maybe i’ll share more when time permits.

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